Thursday, January 10, 2008

Football 2007 In Review: Offensive MVPs

The three Offensive MVPs are so obvious it is hard to come up with a unique take or anything insightful. (My fear is that we won’t truly realize Ryan and Callender’s value until we see their replacements next season.) Changing schemes could have been a disaster. The example these three set and their outstanding production made the transition better than anyone could have anticipated.

1. Matt Ryan. For the third straight year Ryan provided that precious mix of production and heart. Allowed to audible for the first time, Ryan became a college Peyton Manning – making numerous adjustments on the field. Predictably this led to him breaking nearly every single season passing record at BC. His flirtation with the Heisman, BC’s dance near the top of the polls, and our coming up short in the ACC Championship game may have added a tinge of disappointment to BC’s and Matt’s final season. It shouldn’t. Matt had a fantastic end to a great career. Now when you talk BC QBs, it is no longer the big two (Flutie and Foley). It is the Big 3.

2. Andre Callender. 'Dre was our leading rusher and receiver. Not much else to be said…other than the huge leap he made in production! Here are some facts and figures to emphasize the point. Prior to this season, Andre caught 62 passes in his career. This year he caught 76. Prior to this season, Andre had scored 8 touchdowns in his career. This year he scored 13. Although he had been our leading rusher as a Sophomore, Andre had never carried the ball more than 150 times during a season. This year he had 211 carries. Last season he ran behind an offensive line that included two NFL draft picks (and a probable third in Cherilus) and averaged 4.3 yards a carry. This year with a less experienced line that struggled with a new style of play, he averaged 4.6 yards a carry. Oh, and he was on the receiving end of one of the most exciting plays in BC history. This huge step forward wasn’t from some bench warmer. AC has been a contributing player for three years. I never would have expected this sort of season. In the past he had a reputation for fumbling and taking plays off. Not this season. He was hard working, tough and smart. He may have been our best blocker too. I still can’t believe he didn’t get first team all ACC. Callender will be missed.

3. Ryan Purvis. Like Callender, Purvis went from solid platooner to All Conference. Not asked to block as often or in the same way, Purvis was able to blossom as an outlet receiver for Ryan. His good size and surprising speed proved to be a good matchup over the middle. Outside of the occasional drop, Purvis was sure handed and crucial to our comebacks against VT and Clemson. Another guy who shattered his previous bests, Purvis did everything asked of him and more.


Big Jack Krack said...

These players were a pleasure to watch this year - no doubt. AC was tremendous. I must admit that there were times I thought he should have been on the field at critical times, rather than L.V. - because AC was clearly the better blocker. While I think L.V. was a very good player over his career, AC would not have missed that block late in the Champs Sports Bowl that led to the Ryan fumble.

I hope AC gets a shot at the next level.

I'd like to see Purvis continue to improve, because that will give us a good foundation for our offense in 2008.

What can be said of Ryan that hasn't been said already?


On a side note - Living in Columbia, SC I get to laugh at the ACC coverage in The State - otherwise known as the Daily Wipe. Today, they made their 2008 predictions.

As can be expected, Clemson is the clear pick as #1 in the Atlantic Division followed by:
2. Wake Forest
3. Florida State
4. Maryland
5. N.C. State
6. Boston College

The Coastal Division will be
1. VT
2. Virginia
3. UNC
4. GT
5. Miami
6. Duke

ACCCG VT over Clemson

I just might have to go to the Clemson game in Chestnut Hill this year!

Alicia said...

Agreed- 'Dre was robbed of 1st team honors.