Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is this a different Miami?

With most of our ACC basketball relationships still in their infancy, Miami is the closest thing we have to a history when it comes to ACC hoops. Due to the Big East relationship, we've played them nearly annually since 1992 and in many cases twice a season. BC has dominated the series. We are 21-8 all-time against Miami and 19-7 in conference play.

Miami comes into the game with their highest ranking and probably their best team in eight years. Some are dismissing their fast start because they beat up some patsies. I am not. Not only did they beat a Providence team we lost to, but they also have solid wins over Miss St and VCU.

As for what the experts think...the game is a pick'em on the sports books. Kenpom has us as a slight favorite.

Two cents take on the game
I haven't seen Miami this year so take this for what it is worth. This squad is not big, yet they block a fair amount of shots and have good defense. The key for BC will be pushing the tempo. If the game is in the 70s, I think we win. In the high 50s, low 60s, we're in for a fight.


ChicagoD said...

Last year, King was an absolute beast on the boards as I recall. Hopefully we can get a body on him this time around.

bceagle08 said...

I'm so used to beating Miami every year but this team worries me... 27th in 3 pt. % and 29th in offensive rebound %. If we play anything like Saturday we should take care of business.

Lets hope their defensive success is a product of their schedule which is an absolute joke (non conf. SOS= 238)

Marie said...

Way to go, Eagles! great game tonight.

Christopher said...

i am always an optimist (at least before any eagles team actually starts to play - then they usually turn me into a pessimist), and i hoped this team would be decent this year, but i am very pleased so far. 3-0 in the ACC is awesome. if we could just get an NCAA birth this year this would be the best job i have seen Al Skinner do

Eagle in Brighton said...

Nice W tonight boys.

Tim said...

Real nice win....big night from Rakim.