Monday, January 14, 2008

The new kids

A growing phenomenon in college football has finally taken hold at BC. Following the lead set by Anthony Castonzo last year, Codi Boek, Donnie Fletcher, Josh Haden, and Max Holloway have all become early enrollees. Sometimes referred to as greyshirting or green shirting, early enrollees are football players who enroll in the second semester and immediately started participating in team workouts and practices.

In addition to having their new players practicing with the team, the program benefits from scholarship flexibility. The scholarship of a player who enrolls early count towards a previous year’s scholarship limit. So for recruiting ranking purposes these four guys will be part of our 2008 class. From the NCAA’s perspective they will be part of our 2007 class.

Why hasn’t BC done this more often? I’ve never been given a good explanation. I’m sure BC had concerns about kids rushing through high school or feared prospective players loading up on bad credits just so they could graduate early. Now many of the elite prospects structure their high school curriculum around graduating early. With so many other schools successfully integrating these athletes, there is no reason BC shouldn’t.

I don’t think this will change the face of the program or give us a competitive advantage. We are just following a trend. Castonzo showed that the added spring practice can be huge difference. Don’t be surprised if all of these guys see the field next year.

My first day as a BC student was a bright, beautiful late summer day in September. These four (two of whom call California and Florida home) are getting a different setting for their first days. Welcome to New England, boys!


VP Email said...

Didn't even know this kind of enrollment existed. Interesting....

J Mac said...

I didn't know about either until Maurice Clarett did it before his freshman year at Ohio State.

eagle1331 said...

Josh Haden is going to wear number 1 next year..

Big Jack Krack said...

I think that Josh Haden could see plenty of playing time in 08 - right out of the box, so to speak.

If the early enrollment is done properly, I'm okay with it. I guess it's the wave of the future. There's no question that we don't want "kids rushing through high school or prospective players loading up on bad credits just so they can graduate early."

Castonzo set the tone in that regard - he's a top student.

Big Jack Krack said...

I hope the snow doesn't scare these guys off. On the other hand, 3 of the final 4 teams in the pro football playoffs are cold weather teams. Players who have a goal of playing professionally might as well get used to it.

I think Dan Diego will have a tremendous hurdle on Sunday just coping with the elements. If they knock off the Patriots it would be very surprising to me.

Sebastian said...

About San Diego coping with the elements---

New England hasn't played in a TON of crap weather games themselves, so if weather is a factor at all, I think it'll have a negative impact on both teams, and not just San Diego because they play 8 games in Southern California.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Sebastion:

I guess the Patriots have had it easier this year than in years past in terms of playing in bad weather.

Still it seems that flying back to San Diego for a few days after a hard fought indoor game and then flying all the way to the east coast for a game (that will be played in very cold conditions) is more of a disadvantage to them.

But I guess I was initially trying to say that good college players can rationalize going to a northern school by thinking they might play pro ball in a cold weather city - Green Bay, New York City or Foxboro, MA as 3 shining examples. And then they schedule these games for late afternoon or night in January - unreal.

I think going to Boston College from Florida or Southern California has got to be a shock at some level - especially if you enroll early and are greated by cold and snow. Beantown is a great college town, though, so hopefully these guys can get past the weather issue.

It looks like ND has some great players coming in again this year - I'm looking forward to the game in Chestnut Hill this November.

Sebastian said...

Big Jack Krack---

I understand what you were getting at with the cold weather NFL cities.

And I definitely agree with the shock that high schoolers will face coming from Florida, Texas, or California to the Northeast/ Midwest in the beautiful, warm... okay, snowy winter. The good thing is Boston offers plenty.

I'm also looking forward to the game this fall. Should be good!