Friday, January 04, 2008

Mini Kansas preview

Kansas hits Boston Saturday in what will be the biggest non-conference game at Conte since Duke visited during the Troy Bell years. For those with short memories, the Jayhawks wiped the floor with us in Lawrence last year. This year's team might be even better than that one. Kansas is versatile in style and plays good defense. To say this will be a tough test or a primer for the ACC season is an understatement. The only team in Kansas' league that is left on our schedule is North Carolina. So why even play? Well I didn't say we can't win.

Keys to pulling off the upset:
-- Chuck and make a lot of 3s. Kansas' perimeter defense is so-so. We will have trouble scoring inside and running the tight flex, so we might as well let Rice, Raji and Roche throw up some 3s.
-- Limit turnovers. The Jayhawks are not ballhawks and won't apply the same pressure UMass did. As long as we play controlled, we should be ok.
-- Defensive rebounds. This will be up to Spears and Sanders. If they combine for 16+ boards, we'll be in good shape.

With this young team and this sort of opponent, I think we just have to hope they stay competitive. A win would be fantastic. A close loss would be something to build around. A blowout might be discouraging.

For those going, enjoy the rare non-conference treat and take pictures.

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Grab Some Bench said...

Not quite sure how you can say Kansas isn't a group of ballhawks--they force 20 turnovers a game...