Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rocked by the Jayhawks

Not a surprise. We needed to play much better to pull off the upset. Some good things and some bad. Here are my thoughts.

-- Sanders looked very good. He made some tough shots and played smart. The announcers pointed to the trash talking as a spark for Kansas. I really don't blame Sanders for that nor do I think it turned the game. The Jayhawks were getting in his face and weren't going to let that lead slip away.
-- Oates!. Another solid game from the big guy. He hustled and made some smart plays.
-- Paris covering for Rice. He didn't fill Rice's scoring, but he still handled their pressure and ran the offense pretty well.

-- Rebounding. This is going to kill us all year. No one rebounds that well and against a tall athletic team like this we gave away too many second chances.
-- Interior D. Blair needs to do more than block shots. He needs to also box out and get more rebounds.
-- Spears shot selection. He shouldn't be taking the fade aways from 15-feet.

Toss this up to a learning experience. I think how the young kids hung in there despite not having Rice and being down.


McCabe said...

How about dislikes - the utter laziness and carelessness with the ball in the 1st half. At least 3 or 4 of the turnovers were just plain awful, soft passes where the Kansas defenders stole the ball without much effort. Just bad.

bceagle08 said...

likes- skinner calling a few timeouts

Matthew said...

It was also great to see them fighting (almost literally) to cut the lead down in the second half. They might not have the experience to beat the best team in the country, but the Skinman's teams never quit.