Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sometimes freshmen play like freshman

A promising first half quickly went down the drain. Not much went right as the night progressed. Here are my thoughts:

-- Spears on the boards. He didn’t have a great night but Spears hit the boards hard and provided some needed points.
-- More positive minutes from Oates. He was only on the floor for 18 minutes, but he hit a big shot and provided some good D. We should’ve gone big more in the second half.

-- The play of the freshmen. Combined they shot 8-25 from the field, 3-11 from the line, turned the ball over 6 times and committed 10 fouls. This is to be expected with young guys in the ACC. You just hope they don’t all struggle on the same night. Raji, Paris and Sanders forced too many bad shots and struggled defensively. The good thing is that we have a week to get them back on track.
-- Foul shooting. Doesn’t take a genius to put this together.
-- Turnovers. As the announcers properly pointed out, BC kept turning the ball over and getting lost in transition

The tough thing about losing a game like this is that Virginia didn’t play that well and we still lost by a ton. A quirk in the schedule leaves these guys plenty of time to lick their wounds. Let’s hope we see the team that killed Wake not the one who played so poorly in the second half.


bceagle08 said...

i heard from one of my roommates (very unreliable source) that oates was injured for the first few weeks of the season which would explain his poor play. I think he has played really well the last few games and deserves more minutes.

I really hate to be so negative but I think Roche has really been hurting us lately. He missed some key shots and had some costly turnovers which led to the decisive run tonight. There were definitely larger problems down the stretch such as our team defense and free throw shooting.

In the end, not a terrible loss tonight.. We are going to be right on the bubble and the second half of the acc schedule/acc tournament are going to be far more important than tonight. I was glad to see our freshman getting some acc road experience and I'm very excited for the future of the program

Eagle0407 said...
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Melman said...

What's wrong with Roche? He's supposed to be a great three point shooter in practice but for some reason can't hit an open one in a real game. Even the ones he did make were off the mark but had very lucky bounces. I'd start Raji the next game and I don't see a lot of time for Roche next year when Dallas Elmore (love the name) gets in the mix. I didn't even mention Roche's poor ball handling and TOs either.

John said...

What was also troubling to me was our failure to finish at the hoop. We must have had 10 shots around the rim that just didn't go in, especially for Blair and Sanders.

JOC BC07 said...

Totally unrelated, but does anyone know what that other logo on the patriots field is? It looks kind of like a magnet or something be we can't figure it out.