Sunday, January 20, 2008

BC guys in the Super Bowl

Congratulations to Chris Snee of the New York Giants and Dan Koppen of the New England Patriots. They will be representing OLine U in the biggest game of the year. Congratulations are also in order to Tom Coughlin. He's a Syracuse grad, yet we all know he's a BC guy at heart. I'll be rooting for the Giants. Although I am in Atlanta now, I spent my formative years a few exits north of the Meadowlands during the Parcells era. My passion for pro football has waned somewhat but old loyalties die hard. I would also like to see the injured Kiwi pick up a ring with a GMen win.

It should be an interesting time on a Red Sox-Yankee game in February.


Marie said...

And congrats to John K. Mara, Giants' owner, who was at B.C. during a couple of the same years my husband and I were.

I'm still pulling for the Pats, though.

EagleInTheCuse said...

I'm just glad that the Giants pulled off the victory despite Snee's holding penalty on the TO that got called back! Didn't want a good old BC boy to have to take the blame.

Rita said...

Too bad Kiwi's not able to play. Guess he'll still get the ring?

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Rita:

As much as I like Kiwi - and the NY Giants in most other settings - only the winners get the ring - and that would be the Patriots.