Tuesday, January 29, 2008

TC and Jay McGillis and other links

Another benefit of Tom Coughlin in the Super Bowl is the attention the Jay McGillis story is getting. The Herald and New York Newsday wrote of Coughlin's continued commitment to Jay and the McGillis family.

Here's a short interview with Jared Dudley.

Bob Ryan lost his son Keith Ryan (BCLS'95) to an apparent suicide. There is nothing I can really say other than to offer thoughts and prayers.

Former BC player (who was on campus less than two months) Corey Eason is headed to UMass. Best of luck to him.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Any word on John Elliott (OL recruit from last season)?

I know he was red-shirting, a big body like that would be a nice addition with the loss of Poles, Cherilus, etc.

I just wasn't sure if he was still with the team.

ATL_eagle said...

According to the student directory, Elliott is on campus.