Saturday, June 14, 2008

BC continues to mourn Russert

A statement from the Athletic Department.

Father Leahy's statement on behalf of the BC family.

More on his relationship with BC.

Finally, the perfect example that Tim was a good sport: his participation in "The BC"


eagleboston said...

Someone needs to get the YouTube video of "The BC" where he and Luke are trying to score BC-Duke tickets to NBC. If nothing else, that will help cheer up the staff.

Since Tim Russert was one of BC's greatest ambassadors, it would be a great tribute for all athletic teams to wear the initials "TR" on their uniforms next year.

Joe Grav said...

I'm still heartbroken, as both a BC guy and a lover of politics and journalism.

Andrew S. said...

Thanks for posting all of this, it'll help us fondly remember him. Very sad to hear this, at least he got to see Luke graduate this year.

Tim, thanks for being an enthusaistic member of the BC community, you'll be remembered and missed!

John said...

Luke on the Today show this morning - not sure if the link will work, if not its on the msnbc home page

John said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

I saw Luke on the Today Show this morning and I was pretty proud of him. Very heartbreaking, for sure.

I'm so glad that Luke and his Dad had a wonderful relationship - it will help a little bit in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Tim's shocking passing brought back many things for me, as my own father died suddenly while I was in the Army after BC. It's nice to know that Luke has a lot of support - and his Dad will be with him every day in spirit.

God bless Maureen, Luke and Big Russ and the Russert family.

Tim, thanks for your top notch reporting and interviewing - always on top of your game. The entire country has suffered a great loss.

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kito said...
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hikaru said...
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