Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert, 1950-2008

Huge BC fan and BC dad Tim Russert died Friday after a sudden heart attack. Terrible news. Thoughts and prayers go out to Luke Russert '08 and to the whole Russert family.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Really sad, shocking stuff.

Beyond the professional achievments, TR was really a solid citizen, BC father and champion of the school.

A huge loss on so many levels.

Joe said...

I've never met a nicer, more genuine celebrity. He was an excellent person, and a titan in his field.

mattfitz said...

This made me sad in a number of ways. I will never be able to look at that picture the same way again.

EasyRider said...

Mr. Russert was easily the most humble celebrity I have ever met. He was a great person. I had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times and when I mentioned going to BC his eyes lit up. He truly loved the heights.

dixieagle said...

This makes me so sad. He was brilliant, a stellar journalist, a great husband and father and all-around outstanding human being. We met him when he came to the small Jesuit college here in Mobile. Charming, friendly, absolutely genuine; I don't remember when the passing of a "celebrity" last affected me like this.

Unknown said...

Wow, I couldn't believe the headline when I saw it come up on my RSS feed.

What a loss. I pray for Luke and the rest of the Russert family. Having lost close ones in a similar manner my heart aches for them.

Mr Russert was a standup guy. Although he didn't go to BC himself; I think in many ways he was a "BC Guy".

I had the good fortune to randomly run into him this past winter in Midtown Manhattan. When I realized it was him, I yelled out, "HEY RUSS! GO BC!! GO EAGLES!!". He gave me a big ol' smile and a fist pump.

He will be missed.

eagleboston said...

There was no greater ambassador for Boston College the past 5 years than Tim Russert. The photo in the post says it all. I suggest all BC sports teams wear a "TR" on their uniforms next year as a tribute to one of BC's greatest fans.

My heart goes out to Tim Russert's family. The tributes by the networks are wonderful and unprecedented, but I'm sure the family would have rather had a short blurb 25 years from now announcing the death of the former moderator of Meet the Press. Instead, he went out at the top of his game and as a former Hill staffer in the early 90's, I will always be amazed at his political intuition.

As Russert himself would describe the loss, "This is big!"