Saturday, June 07, 2008

First reaction to Phil Steele's BC prediction

I bought Phil Steele's preview last night. (I've sworn off all the other preview magazines.) I will spend a lot more time writing about Steele this summer, but thought I'd share the basics first.
-- He predicts BC to finish 5th in the Atlantic.
-- He forecasts BC to play Boise in the Humanitarian Bowl.

Given his track record, I am not worried.


About Five said...

If BC had a strong punter and place kicker you could make a better case that the defense can deliver wins. Instead we are weak at FG, kick-offs, and unknown at punter. So with the defense and offense again working with negative field position and no magic at QB, no depth at running back, and all indications for a third straight year of a modest OLine why would any analyst be high on BC in 2009.

BC may lose many close games and wind up forth or fifth in their side of the conference.

Big Jack Krack said...

Good points, about five.

I like being an underdog this year and that many analysts think we'll finish out of the money, so to speak.

PK and kick-offs may be fine if Bennett can play (don't know about his back problem). Apon continues to improve - Long snapper returns.

The incoming punter (Quigley from Myrtle Beach, SC) may turn out to be like Ayers - 4 year starter. Depth at running back is a concern, no question. Personally, I'm giving Crane the benefit of the doubt at this point. He may have some magic of his own. The OL will once again have some "BC Size" - but we'll just have to see if the players can step up.

I like being the underdog.

Vincent said...

I'm not worried because every year its the same crap. The fact is none of these experts know anything about BC because A) they don't watch us play and B) they are idiots. If you replace our initials with ND and kept our squad the same we would be picked to go to the BCS championship game every year.
Tell Steele I'll see him and the other chumps like him in Miami for the Orange Bowl.


eagleboston said...

This team is going to live and die with the defense. BC simply lost too much offensively to graduation and I think they will struggle to score points. But, if the defense can hold opponents to 17 or fewer points, I think an 8 win season is very likely.

I can't criticize Steele for placing BC 5th. BC just does not have any playmakers and they are going to have to win games ugly by gritting it out. Those types of teams are not appealing to the pundits and that is why they go with the flashy Clemsons and Florida States.