Friday, July 18, 2008

ACC Media stuff and other links

In preparation for the ACC Media Days, ACC Nation had Phil Steele on their podcast. He touches on BC and Chris Crane.

Tony Barnhart is asking these questions heading into the ACC meetings.

The ACC is lowering ticket prices for the Championship Game. I don't think ticket price is the issue driving attendance.

Craig Smith resigned with Minnesota.

Yet another Eagle in Atlanta: Marty Reasoner signed with the Thrashers.

Here is a look at North Carolina. This has trap game written all over it.


Walter said...

It's definitely not the biggest issue affecting attendance, but any discount is great. I was hard-pressed for any money all year, maybe if certain things had been just a little bit cheaper, I could have traveled to more games. The plane ticket to South Bend sure wasn't cheap, but it was well worth it. I wish they could give us travel vouchers...

Big Jack Krack said...

The UNC game in Chapel Hill in early November certainly was a "trap game" in 2005. That loss really hurt us and at 8 and 3 (before college football added the 12th game) instead of 9 and 2 the ACC farmed us out to the MPC Computers Bowl in Boise - welcome to the ACC. Unbeleivable!!!!!!! We beat a top-notch Boise State team on their own field and nobody cared - their first loss in that stadium in something like 24 games.

We never should have lost that UNC game, but somehow played to do just that. I agree it's a trap game again this year. Heck, Georgia Tech is a trap game in Chestnut Hill at High Noon on September 6th. We need to play each game to our potential - and that's hard to do over 12 games.

Concerning the ACC Championship Game in Tampa - the price of tickets reduction is much appreciated. My advice to younger fans who may want to travel to Tampa, should we be fortunate enough to reach the Championship Game, is to make your commitment early. The flights from Boston, New York, Washington, DC will be less than $300. I know that's significant to students and recent graduates, but it is what it is - and maybe you can squeeze it into your budget. We should look at the ACCCG as our most important game whenever we earn it. I would also advise younger fans to research and reserve the hotel rooms early - depending on the policy, you can always cancel the reservation.

Once the game moves to Charlotte, it will be easier for BC fans to attend the game - but Tampa is making it attractive and obtainable.


Rob said...

atl take a look at this. not a bad pick

Alex F. said...

Agree about UNC screaming "trap game". Young and quickly improving team and sandwiched right between VT and Clemson (with 4 more huge games following the Tigers).

Davis is doing a great job at UNC from what I can tell...even with all of VT's issues I think they're probably still a year away from legitimately challenging for the division title, but if VT isn't able to quickly reload they've got a shot at it this year.