Thursday, July 17, 2008

BC undies and other links

Victoria's Secret is coming out with a line of women's underwear that has college logos, including BC! I know what the Mrs. is getting for Christmas!

Our game basketball game against Iowa will be on the ACC Channel, er, ESPN U. For those diehards, it is looking like ESPN U will be necessary to catch many BC sports. I strongly suggest pestering your cable operator or call Directv or Verizon.

This is a fairly optimistic look at the basketball team. I wouldn't give it much weight though. They didn't even mention Trapani.

Sam Shaughnessy is playing summer ball in the New York Collegiate Baseball League.

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amartin said...

My wife already got a t-shirt and the sweatpants! One of her friends tried to call and order a t-shirt online and it was already backordered. BC fans need to step up and buy stuff like this if we want other companies to make stuff with our logo. So go out and by your girl some BC gear from VS!