Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Elmore hits the books and other links

Incoming basketball freshmen Dallas Elmore is on campus and in class. In this article he talks about becoming eligible and adjusting to college.

Soccer player Reuben Ayarna left BC to play professionally in Sweden.

Two BC dropouts have started a new magazine focused on college students.


Erik said...

"The recent Poudre High School graduate and standout basketball player is taking two college courses, geology and literary works, that the school requires all incoming freshmen basketball players to take."

WAIT!!!!! Our basketball players have to take geology! hahaha. What if they want to take Physics or Bio?

Unknown said...

Could be wrong, but I read that as a reference to the First Year Writing Seminar that all freshman are required to take. Geology satisfies a core science requirement (same as Survey of Biology which a ton of freshman take).

ATL_eagle said...

When I was at BC geology was actually harder than survey of bio.

Alex F. said...

Anyone ever take dinosaurs?? I heard wonderful things about it, signed up one semester, but apparently no one else did as the class got canceled.

Aside from dinosaurs, the various 100-level astronomy courses were known as the easy core science pickings. I took some astronomy course and there were probably a dozen football/hoops/hockey players in there--not that I should talk as it was a huge lecture with all the notes put up on the internet and therefore I attended exactly 4 classes (first day, midterm, final, and one random Friday when I was insanely hung over and going to a dark, air-conditioned auditorium and looking at slides for an hour actually didn't seem so bad).

JP from Dorchester said...

Good to see "Rocks for Jocks" is still available