Monday, July 14, 2008

Flutie Ice Cream, ESPN bloggers and other links

Flutie has always been willing to pair his name with a good cause. So have Ben & Jerry's. Therefore Doug Flutie Hail Mary Berry Fat Free Smoothie seems like a perfect summer treat that also helps fight autism.

Did anyone elso notice Heather Dinich started an ACC blog last week on How did I miss this? Certainly something worth following. If only the Globe or Herald would get in the BC blogging game. Dinich's post about the toughest places to play inspired a few others to weigh in here and here. My simple take: there's Clemson and there's everything else.

The ACC Now's J.P. Giglio doesn't think much of our chances this year.

Here's a preview of Virginia Tech.

Yet another preview of the ACC.

Former Eagle Derrick Rossy is picking up random boxing titles as his career progresses.

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Brian said...

I would say a Thursday night in Blacksburg rivals the Clemson experience. Clemson has a much better gameday experience, but I would say Lane is the more intimidating venue.