Monday, July 21, 2008

Heather Dinich's power blogging turns its focus to Chris Crane

Yet another solid article from ESPN's new blogger Heather Dinich. I don't know how she is keeping this up. And it's not like these are all "let me tell you what I think" posts or link dumps. She has quotes from Logan (who, to my knowledge, is not even at the ACC meetings) and mixed in some of the Purvis stuff from Sunday. If she keeps up this pace during the season, we're in for a treat. Why can't the Globe provide this much BC and ACC coverage?


Big Jack Krack said...

Why can't the Globe provide this much BC and ACC coverage?

My take is that the Globe relies on Mark Blaudschun to cover BC and the ACC - enough said.

Bill - thanks for all these posts - we'll all be getting geared up for sure!

Eagle1 said...

Boston needs Dinich. She knows what she's doing, and she's big-time cute.

Joe Grav said...

Was that a serious question?

It's because the Globe has limited space and writes about a bunch of different things; Dinich writes about one thing, has unlimited space, and people go to her blog specifically looking for college football stuff.

Thanks for providing the link to her blog, btw. It's great stuff, and I'm already pumped for the season to start. This has been one long summer.

Jay said...

as far as I know you're still married there big guy, and unless you're looking to change the title of the blog to Eagle in Provo you might want to back off on the fawning over Ms. Dinich.

ATL_eagle said...

Joe Grav: has unlimited space. There is no reason they couldn't support a BC blog.

Joe Grav said...

Other than lack of interest, yeah. Although I'd do one for them for free... and I'm sure I'm not the only one. ;)