Monday, July 21, 2008

More ACC media stuff and other links has put up their coverage of the Kickoff. There's audio of Purvis and Brace's interviews and a photo gallery of the event (which includes a very handsome blogger talking to Brace).

Gregg Doyel thinks he knows why the ACC is down.

Most of the media is picking Clemson to win the conference.

In a feature designed to get people talking, ESPN is ranking all college basketball programs in terms of prestige. They put BC in a tie for 70th. The whole thing is so silly, it is not worth the time for a proper rebuttal.

Luke Russert blogged for (Thanks to Brian for the link.)


Bob Hatcher said...

... at least BC was ranked higher than Arkansas-Little Rock in the ESPN article, which is more than BU can say.

Bravesbill said...

How exactly was that ranking silly at all? Where do you expect BC to be without making it to the Final Four ever? And lets not talk about their lack of conference championships either. 70th seems like a pretty objective an thoughtful ranking.

Unknown said...

BB - I would say it's not that BC's ranking is silly itself. It's that ESPN's obsession with ranking things like the "prestige" of college basketball programs is silly. Whether we were number one or number two hundred, and no matter who they choose for first place, the whole thing is a waste of time. We play the game to find out which team is better, so who cares about what some hack's ranking system came up with?