Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two takes on ACC expansion and a Haden link

It has been five years since the ACC expanded, and two different papers featured articles on the move.

The Washington Post takes a more anti-ACC angle and repeatedly compares the ACC with the supposedly revitalized Big East. Making the comparison is natural. It's part of the narrative that everyone wants: "the big bully ACC has egg on its face and the Big East is better than ever." Unfortunately for writers across the country, that take is not true. The ACC's move hasn't been a home run in terms of revenue or on field success, but it hasn't been a failure either. Revenue has increased and many teams have been successful. Perception is just misplaced because the teams that have succeeded include Wake, BC and VT, and not Miami or FSU. And as people want to focus on the positive, the Big East is still fledgling. Revenue is down and the conference faces real challenges with a 16-team basketball conference.

This article is more even-handed. It just mentions the revenue and also labels BC as one of the big winners. I'll have my own look back on BC's move to the ACC in the coming weeks.

The Haden brothers showed greatness at an early age.

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Big Jack Krack said...

The Haden Family is quite a family for sure.