Thursday, August 21, 2008

2008 Position Previews: Quarterbacks

This is the ninth part of my position by position breakdown of the 2008 roster.

This is the most athletic group of quarterbacks BC has ever fielded. It is also one of the most inexperienced. There are enough pieces around the team that BC can have a successful season without great QB play. But QB performance will determine a lot. If Crane can surprise, BC could be one of the better stories in football. If he struggles, the program will have its biggest test in 10 years.

The most recent reports out of practice have me questioning everything. Instead of digging up some factoid about fifth year QBs that will hope to project how Chris Crane will play, I'll just rely on Steve Logan.

"...after the third game you are going to get what you get."
-- Steve Logan

There are many things I like about Chris Crane. There are also an equal amount of concerns. The fact is we don't know what we are going to get. What you hope is that he adjusts quickly and is good. You also hope that Steve Logan will craft a gameplan to what is working. Who knows? This, more than any position or issue since I've been blogging about BC, is a huge crapshoot.

The Players
QB -- Chris Crane, SR, 6'4, 239lbs
QB -- Dominique Davis, FR, 6'4, 198lbs
QB -- Chris Johnson, FR, 6'2, 215lbs
QB -- Justin Tuggle, FR, 6'3, 208lbs

Crane is the Last of the Mohicans sort of speak. TOB had a QB mold and did his best to find QBs for it. Crane is another tall, late-blooming, smart, east coast QB, nutured to be a pocket passer. He's faster and more mobile than his predecessors. He enters the year with one start under his belt (Buffalo 2006). Crane will not throw as often as Ryan and will use more of the spread run plays that are common place in college football. Davis is more raw but has a good arm and good build. Like Crane, he is more mobile than Ryan. Supposedly the coaching staff wants to get him on the field periodically this year. Johnson has some speed but is lacking in arm strength and pocket presence. Tuggle will likely redshirt this year.

This summer, I felt good about the QBs. Now after the most recent report, less so. Regardless, all we need is a good game manager. If Crane can minimize the mistakes and move the ball, BC will have a good season. If Davis has to take over for any reason (injuries or poor play), we'll have some definite growing pains.


Eagle1 said...

I can't get fired up even a little bit about these offensive question marks until I see these guys in an actual game. I attended last year's scrimmage, and the entirety of the offense looked like complete ass. This year's D is even better than last year's. Before we all chew off our fingernails, let's just wait and see what happens on 8/30 (BTW - F Comcast, which doesn't carry ESPNU.)

blockparty said...

i am curious what clemsons qb situation was like last summer. obviously, we do not have the rb situation that cullen harper had last year, handing off to two of the best backs in the country. crane is definitely raw and somewhat inaccurate. but i agree that before we "chew off our fingernails" it might be a good idea to wait and see what happens. im not expecting great things from crane. but i dont expect him to fall flat on his face either. our d is solid. it gives most qbs problems. as long as the line remains somewhat consistent and crane can remain as calm as possible, i do see him surprising some people. again, if anyone knows what clemson fans were thinking last year, id be really interested to know. thanks

BCDisco said...

I don't think this has been mentioned yet: This is most likely Logan's final year with BC. I suspect he agreed to help his friend Jags out for 2 years so Jags can get his sea legs in coaching.

Even if BC has a mediocre year, Logan will most likely get some sweet offers from schools that are in a region of the country more palatable to him. So we better see phenomenal improvement from pretty much all our QBs this year because it will be very difficult replacing Logan at OC.

johnoatesforthree said...

i'm going to have to disagree with you. if the offense had a good year he might get some sweet offers. when he had his radio show he said it would have to be a "special situation" for him to coach again. also, if he is friends with jags wouldnt that make it harder for him to leave?

BCDisco said...

I read an article in the Globe probably back in December or January (sorry, no link) that basically said Logan received some offers to be an assistant at some big name schools. I think Texas might have been one of them. The article went on to say that either Logan himself or GDF (I can't remember exactly who) confirmed that Logan extended his contract one more year, which would expire at the end of this year.

So I would assume Logan got some sweet offers and turned them all down. And let's be honest here. I think Logan probably feels like a fish out of water living in Boston. He would probably be more comfortable in the South or the Southwest.

Assuming BC has an even mediocre year, you can bet that he will continue to receive offers from schools in those areas of the country. These would be offers to be an assistant, so this is consistent with his comment about not wanting to be a head coach. I find it hard to believe that he would turn down the long term potential of being on the staff of, say, Texas or OK, for being the OC of a tiny school in the Northeast that takes a back seat to all the pro teams in town.

ATL_eagle said...

I don't think Logan is a BC lifer, but I think he could stay longer than people think. It would have to be a pretty good deal for him to get the type of freedom and hours he has at BC at the same price.

ATL_eagle said...
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Unknown said...

I thought I read an article about Logan not wanting to deal with head coaching duties again - he liked being an OC.

That said, it does seem plausible that he could to be an OC at another school if he were so inclined.

Isn't BC paying him a significant amount for an OC? Didn't GDF say something to this effect in an article?

Joe Bags said...

Logan paid a million bucks for one of those Waterworks condos near campus, would he buy real estate anyway knowing he was on a two year plan?

Unknown said...

it is good to see you reeling it in a bit. Given the offense and kicking game you were getting a little far out on that plank.

If I thought we could have a really good Oline then maybe those 9 win type of predictions would feel solid. BC has not had a more than Ok Oline for several years.

America said...

I have a lot of contact with people very close to the program. In my opinion this coaching staff is going to remain as is for a good amount of time. I think both Logan and Jags are very happy here and in fact exactly where they want to be. The entire program has a completely different attitude about who they bring into it. They want "BC guys" not people useing it as a spring board to other things. Logan will be here for a few more years.

Ben Hinchey said...

Hey just curious - what is it about Logan that makes folks think he might prefer to live in the south/southwest rather than Boston? I think we all remember that strange piece espn did on him last year about his penchant for jazz and red wine (and maybe long walks on the beach?). That doesn't sound like somebody who's looking to coach at South Carolina. I think Jags is a safe bet to be around for a while, especially given how happy he's been with the Campus School...

BCDisco said...

There's very little doubt in my mind that Jags will be around for 5-10 years. I think he's a great fit for the BC community and I think he really enjoys being there, ditto for his family.

Logan is probably very well liked too, but I just don't see him as wanting to stay in Boston for a long time. I have nothing to back this up other than the Globe article I mentioned earlier.

Don't get me wrong, I would love it if Logan stayed at least as long as Jags does, but I think we need to be realistic in that Logan would rather be further south in a more college-football-friendly atmosphere.

Eagle1 said...

Does anyone have any contacts at Comcast? The 8/30 game is on ESPNU at 7:30 pm EST, and Comcast doesn't carry ESPNU. I want to choke someone.

Alex F. said...

I see Logan staying at BC another 2-3 years. By the time he goes, Ryan Day will be ready to step up as the OC (although you question whether you would even want him to, given the fact that it'll take time away from the excellent work he does on the recruiting trail).

ATL_eagle said...

Eagle1, go get DirecTV. You'll never look back.