Monday, August 25, 2008

Let's do that again: BC releases revised depth chart

For some reason the first depth chart was incorrect. BC has released another version.

Noticeable correction:
-- Brandon Robinson is back and listed as a starter.
-- Gause and Gunnell are listed as punt returners.
-- Boek and Wes Davis are now listed as Sophomores.
-- Razzie Smith, Jeff Smith, Robinson and true freshman Montel Harris are listed as kick returners.


BCDisco said...

Only 12 seniors on the entire 2-deep. Half of those on defense. Wow.

Eagle1 said...

I premise the following by noting my respect for both gentlemen. Nevertheless, is anyone else nervous and/or confused about the kicking situation? As I recall, Billy Bennett was the #1 kicking recruit in the country. How is he ranked behind a guy that was pulled from the student section? Logan's words about the QB situation, i.e., "after the third game, you know what you've got," also ring very loudly in my ears as applied to the kicking situation. Are we going to see this year the same thing we saw last year? I don't know if I can handle watching another kickoff from BC that lands on the opponent's 20 yard line.

BCMike said...


I'm pretty sure Bennett is going to handle the kickoff duties. I would also expect to see him on FG attempts of over 40 yards, rare as they may be, with Sid taking everything else. From earlier reports from Jags, Bennett was reaching (and exceeding) the endzone on kickoffs. Don't expect to see the squib this year (thank god).