Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts on the latest Depth Chart

BC released a new depth chart. It is not labeled specifically for Kent State but is probably very close to what you'll see this week.

Here are my thoughts. Be sure to leave yours in the comments section.
-- Brandon Robinson's missing? Not sure what the story is there. He played in the last scrimmage. No reported injury or suspension. Hopefully this will be clarified this week.
-- The line is (L to R) Castonzo, Ramsey, Tennant, Claiborne, Lapham. Could anyone have predicted that lineup when TOB left? I know our leftside is solid. I think the right side will catch up early in the season.
-- True freshman on the two deep: Cleary, Haden, LeGrande, Johnson, Fletcher, and Quigley. That's six. I am guessing more true freshmen will play. The biggest surprise and good harbinger is Cleary at Right Tackle. Jags keeps comparing him to Castonzo, so maybe he'll be another great BC lineman. Fletcher enrolled early, so his success is not a surprise. Johnson was highly touted so it is nice to see him crack the line up. LeGrande is more of a surprise and another sign that the most recent recruiting class will pay dividends early.
-- Davis as starter. He had a great freshman year and then suffered a terrible injury last year. Now he's won his way back into the starting lineup. Good for him.
-- Akins still at Linebacker. For all the experimentation, Akins is still listed at LB. My guess is that he'll be used in multiple spots.
-- Davis and Boek are both listed as Juniors. Fans hoped both would gain a year of eligibility via their respective medical issues. This still might break their ways and they might still have three years of playing time left.
-- Morrissey breaks into the LB two deep. Williams and Thompson didn't. These guys are all still young but it shows how unpredictable recruiting ratings are.
-- No punt returner listed. I guess we'll find out Saturday.

Stay tuned for any adjustments as the game approaches.


Big Jack Krack said...

Seems as though some of this is leftover from an "old" list from the Spring. Brady Smith is still listed, as an example. Wasn't Robinson still rehabilitating in the Spring?

ATL_eagle said...

Jack, Brady Smith is not on there. This is new. Robinson has been playing in the scrimmages so I don't know the whole story.

cjack said...

Saw a few minutes of Friday's practice and here are some observations:

- Lots of different Offensive formations including a shotgun spread with Smith and Haden together in backfield. Saw some running out of this formation...

- With so many different formations, I'm sure there will be some 3 and 4 (maybe 5?) WR sets. BRob, Momah, and others were getting run at practice with 1st and 2nd team (but Flutie was not while I was watching)

- Quigley can boom the ball (albeit there was no pressure at practice). Don't know about his release time or handle (Ayers was rock solid with bad snaps).

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Bill. I swear when I clicked on the link for the new depth chart, the old one appeared - weird.

Do you think Momah might break out this year? 6'6" 225 lbs - could exploit some secondaries.

cjack said...

Just got around to clicking on the depth chart link and BRob is listed as co-starter with Gunnell. They must have updated it (perhaps he was left off in error?)... He's also listed as a Kick return specialist with Jeff Smith