Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mega weekend link roundup

Doug Flutie won't be on ESPN's Thursday night broadcasts. Too bad. I thought Doug did a great job and worked well with James. Fortunately he's still on the ABC show.

More love for our defense from College Football News.

Interesting story on Rich Lapham and his weight loss. I never understood putting fat on guys who were already over 300 pounds.

A state of the ACC article from Tobacco Road.

Guy wants to go to BC. Doesn't get offered a scholarship. Commits to NC State. The BC coaches who dissed him head to NC State. He is out of their QB derby. Transfers to Louisville.

A look at the ACC Atlantic.

I hope Jeff Smith lives up to his potential and stays healthy.

Training camp is officially over. Now the guys are prepping for an actual game.

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BCMike said...

"The Eagles lose a talented backfield in Andre Callender, L.V. Whitworth and A.J. Brooks."

No offense to any of the three, but it's amazing how much better they all got in the eyes of the media after they left.