Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mega weekend link roundup

Mike McLaughlin's captaincy is very telling. Not only do his teammates see him as a leader (even as a JR) but I also think they think he'll have a good year. Traditionally unexpected captains have been early indicators that the players knew a guy was going to step up in a big way.

Nice story on late bloomer Ron Brace. He's another example of why recruiting is such a crap shoot. Brace didn't even start playing football until high school.

The offense is still working out the kinks.

Max Holloway looks like another true freshman ready to play.

The walk-ons always provide a good story.

The New York Times looks at our opponent Virginia Tech.

Yet another Chris Crane emerging from the shadows story.

The Globe posted a Billy Flutie story...five days after the Herald's story.

BC recruit Sterlin Phifer is ready for a big senior season.

Kent State prepped for BC with their first scrimmage.

Former Eagle Drew Locke is hanging in there with the Dodgers organization.

This is a different sort of interview as Brian Toal joins USC linebacker Brian Cushing for an interview with the New York Post.

The Bay Area media loves the Ricky Brown story (here and here).

BC field hockey captian Chelsey Feole is a key member of the Under 21 National team.

Sad news as a soon to be BC senior died over the weekend in a boating accident.

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johnoatesforthree said...

i hope jags makes toal run some extra laps for his "favorite sport: beer pong" comment. i liked that interview though.