Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario

My best case scenario was fairly close last year. Understanding Jags has me moving the upside even higher this year. Even though the talent may not be equal to last year, I know that aggressive play calling and a good defense may put us on another hot streak. The following could happen if our schedule is filled with paper tigers. Thursday, I'll release my actual predictions.

At Kent State. Win. A good opener. Despite Martin’s familiarity with Logan’s attack, BC’s talent is too much for them. Crane and Haden look good.

Georgia Tech. Win. The Yellow Jackets hold us in check but their offense still looks like the Keystone Cops. BC wins a low scoring ugly game.

Central Florida. Win. A running team plays right into our hand. Another good showing and BC breaks into the Top 25.

Rhode Island. Win. BC controls and Davis gets extended time at QB. Parents go home happy on Parents Weekend.

At NC State. Win. As long as TOB is at NC State and Jags is at BC, this game will mean a lot to both sides. BC wins easily.

Virginia Tech. Win. I think Virginia Tech has a chance to be one of the paper tigers I referenced in the lead. They are replacing a lot of talent and I don’t think much of Sean Glennon. Plus we get them at home. With the win, BC would now be in the top 10.

At North Carolina. Loss. If Virginia Tech is a paper tiger, I think UNC is going to be a real surprise for most folks. They were much better than their record last year and have only added talent since.

Clemson. Win. Another epic where BC comes out on top in the end. I am hoping the difference is Jeff Smith kick return.

Notre Dame. Win. The Irish try to play the spoiler again, but we control throughout. BC is now in the Top 5.

At Florida State. Win. Florida State seems rudderless as BC goes to 2-0 all time in Tallahassee .

At Wake Forest. Loss. Another battle between the two best programs in the Atlantic. BC comes up short. This complicates the division picture.

Maryland. Win. Maryland is sputtering amid another QB change. BC bounces back from the Wake loss and wraps up the division.

ACC Championship vs. North Carolina. Win. BC beats UNC in a rematch and changes the way the nation and casual BC fans view the program.

The Orange Bowl vs. Florida. Win. In what amounts to a road game versus the Gators, BC keeps the bowl streak alive and finishes the season 12-2 and in the Top 5. This epic run brings plenty of accolades to Chris Crane, the defense, Spaz, and Logan. The two impressive years at BC turns Jags into one of the hottest coaching prospects in football.


Winfield Featherston said...

Yes, more and more I am becoming wary of BC and less worried about VPI.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Bill - now you're "talkin' the kind of lingo I savvy". I've always liked to think best case vs. worst case - and I'll settle for what might probably happen.

Legacyx4 - you'll get a kick out of this. My wife is from Georgia - Atlanta mostly, and is a Georgia Tech fan (Her brother is an obnoxious UGA fan). Last year in Atlanta she wore a combination of BC and GT colors. Her son was Buzz for two years and he'll be watching/tuning into the games from Switzerland this year where he is working.

Most of us are happy to be playing GT early this year - hoping that the new offense under Coach Johnson hasn't jelled yet. We know you're defense will be tough. Best of luck.

Bill, under the best case we're 6-1 awaiting Clemson, which could be undefeated or close to it when they invade Chestnut Hill. I'll be on the 50 yard line - what a thrill it will be. (I wonder how many season ticket holders BC has from South Carolina?) Who cares about the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party?

BCMike said...

This, I could live with.

America said...

THERE YOU GO!!! THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! You made up for your Worst Case Scenario! Thank you very much!

For the record I think this is more likely to happen!

BCNorCal07 said...

Man, this would be a most excellent season. I might even be tempted to shell out for the Orange Bowl (huzzah student loans!). We'll know a lot more a week from now, that's for sure. I am kind of disappointed that the game got moved to Saturday in Cleveland though. I was planning on going when it was Wednesday or Thursday night game (it's a quirk of my med school schedule that I'm always busy on weekends and mid-week class-skipping is much more possible). In any case, GO EAGLES! Beat the Flashes!

Joe Grav said...

You got me dreamin' big now.

Brett said...

Just saw Jags make friends with Lou Holtz on College Football Live. I love the man, but can we really beat Florida?

Also, what would be the biggest key to achieving the best case scenario? Crane? Receivers? Luck?

matthew2 said...

i think the key to the season is the secondary, and a confident offense that can control the tempo (a lot of that responsibility falls on Crane's shoulders). Special teams is obviously important, but if that group can become average, we will be fine.

As I was reading this post, I pretended that I had been out of touch with civilization for a year, and was being updated on BC's season. I recommend trying it, it was thrilling.

johnoatesforthree said...

not to put too much pressure on the guy, but i think crane makes or breaks the season. we know the defense will not miss a beat (our passing defense was the weak link last year as well. i think in college football your run defense is so important), the o-line should be better adjusted to zone blocking, the receivers are there, and we lost running backs who werent that effective as runners last year. he doesn't need to be matt ryan, but he needs to not be quinton porter.

Brett said...

johnoates, fantastic way to put it - "He just has to not be Quinton Porter."