Wednesday, September 17, 2008

O'Leary hates Boston and other links

George O'Leary is still a New Yorker at heart. You'd think he has a little love for BC after the way Notre Dame treated him.

Dave Armstrong and Larry Coker will be broadcasting the UCF game. I don't care for either. My main concern is that ESPN U has the first down line in the broadcast.

The ACC might not have any super powers, but last weekend helped change the image of the conference.

J.P. Giglio produced his annual ACC in the NFL update.

A note towards the end of this article mentions Georgia QB recruit Drew Little scheduling a visit to BC.


Big Jack Krack said...

Doesn't seem as though we are very stoked up for this game (yet).

Let's go BC!

luch said...

Surf has been up all wk in southern california.

If BJK is gonna use the word "stoked" then I am all in. It has to be a sign.

Fire it up Eagles