Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crane's comfort level: where does he work best?

When talking to the media since the Georgia Tech game, Jags mentioned focusing on what Crane does well. Give the result through two games, most BC fans probably wonder: what does Crane do well? Now that I’ve cooled off and have a little perspective on things, I went back to the GT game. I watched and logged just Crane’s pass attempts to get a better feel for what worked and what didn’t.

As a reminder, this was Crane’s stat line from Saturday: 18-35 (51.4%), 142 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs, 1 fumble, 1 safety.

This is how things broke down upon closer inspection:

Shotgun (with a short or no drop) and staying in the pocket
25 attempts. 14 completions. 1 INT and 1 touchdown

This was our standard offense on Saturday. Crane was at his best when he would get the snap take a few quick steps and fire a short out to the flats. Georgia Tech was playing off the receivers, so this was an easy completion. However, the challenge with this style of attack is that our receivers are not game breakers. If they catch a short pass in the flats, they are unlikely to turn it into a big play. But pocket passing was not foolproof. Crane struggled from the same formation and progression when trying to make throws across the field. His timing was off or his throws were off or he was releasing too low and getting tipped. Also, his fundamentals went out the window as the game wore on.

Under Center (with five step drops)
4 attempts. 2 Completions. 1 INT
Crane was rarely under center in this game. Two plays were great and two were terrible. What did the terrible have in common? Play action. On both play action attempts, Crane rushed. One resulted in badly overthrown ball. The other…an INT. Yet the straight dropbacks from center were very good plays.
*Crane did fumble one time from under center. However, Jeff Smith missed his block.

Moving up in the pocket
1 play. 0 completions.
This was the shovel pass to McCluskey. It had a very rushed feel. Even the announcers said Crane would have been better running it.

Rollouts, Moved pockets
3 attempts. 0 completions.
These were some of Crane’s worst throws. On two he didn’t set his feet. On the other he floated the deep post.

Broken plays
2 attempts. 0 completions.
Unlike recent BC QBs like Matt Ryan or Paul Peterson, Crane is not a natural improviser. When the plays broke down he looked hurried and blew both throws. I hope that going forward he follows his first instinct and just runs when the play falls apart.

Crane was at his best when he didn’t have time to think and didn’t have to scan the field. Quick throws, mostly to the first read worked best. The more he dropped back, or moved or was asked to play fake, things started to get messy.

If Logan and Jags play to his strengths and comfort level they will have him dink and dunk it down the field. However, Central Florida will see the same things I did. Look for them to crowd the WRs and put more pressure on Crane than GT did. Will he adjust? That is the question keeping the staff and the fans up at night.


Eagle1 said...
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Eagle1 said...

Reading all of that just made me a little nauseous.

Rob said...

That's some great analysis, thanks.

Big Jack Krack said...

Two 50 yard line tickets available.

Anyone interested in 2 50 yard line seats (Section EE Row 4) with preferred parking for the UCF Game? I have spoken with Bill about this and he is okay with my message.

I have season's tickets, and give most of them to my daughter. Unfortunately, she is involved in a charity race to the sea through NH this Saturday and can't use them.

I would like to get these tickets to two fans who will enjoy the game, and really want to be there to support our team. As evidenced by the injury sustained by Alex Albright, these players are laying it on the line for us.

If your interested, shoot me an email and we'll work out the details. I'll Fedex the package to you.

Big Jack Krack said...

If you're interested - sorry.

Claver2010 said...

I think that while the shot passes in the flat were his best option. I think that Crane needs to throw the deep ball atleast once per game (I doesn't even need to be close to the recieve, he can just overthrow everyone) just to allow the short passes to work because eventually if they realize that you won't throw the ball beyond ten those passes will be taken away. As a Jets fan with Chad Pennington as our QB I can attest to this and Crane doesn't nearly have the accuracy or brains of Chad.

Big Jack Krack said...

Not to be boring with multiple posts - but if South Florida is Number 12 and UCF almost beat them, losing in OT and with a questionable crucial call going against them, etc. - this shapes up to be a very tough game for us. We need a full house, loud and raring to go!!!!

eagleboston said...

I think we are going to be one of those teams that struggles early but gets hot late. Our defense is awesome and if the offense can just get in gear, we should be pretty good by late Oct - Nov. Still, I fear we will be lucky to get to 7 wins this year. The ACC Championship is not in the cards for this year. Just don't have the playmakers.

Why do I think the defense is awesome? Va Tech gave up over 350 yards to Ga Tech. Va Tech is supposed to be one of the premier defenses in the ACC. We only allowed 230-some yards against the tough triple-option offense. Had we scored in the redzone, we would have blown Ga Tech out.

I predict a loss this week, but we will get back on the winning track against URI and NC State.

Unknown said...

Off topic on this post, but with the injury to Sanders has anyone heard anything about the possibility of Silva getting a shot with the Colts in the coming weeks?

Apologies if I missed something in my googling and this is a dumb question...

Deacon Drake said...

The I would expect O'Leary to play up near the line, knowing we do not have the tools to go over the top... hopefully the run game is prepared to carry the load.