Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How does Chris Crane compare to other "rookie" QBs?

Chris Crane has now started seven games. Jags and Logan will tell anyone listening that Crane is a rookie. This explains some of his struggles but not all. As a comparison, just look at BC last four QBs and their first seven games.

QBW-LAttemptsComp Pct YardsPassing TDsINTsRushing TDs
Brian St. Pierre6-118055%1,1861560
Quinton Porter4-318259%1,2931451
Paul Peterson6-119461%1,4961360
Matt Ryan6-124659%1,621975
Chris Crane6-120057%1,2496109

A few words on the context of the stats
Let me address a few things, before we get into the results.
-- W-Ls are most important and I think we all acknowledge that defense and scheduling play factor into the hot starts of most of our recent QBs.
-- I only counted games started, which hurts Crane and Porter. Both of them came into their starting run with much less playing time than St. Pierre, Peterson and Ryan.
-- Crane is operating out of a different offense and a different offensive philosophy than the previous four QBs.
With that out of the way…

Crane is clearly the most reckless (or error prone) QB to see the field in nearly a decade. He offsets some of the carelessness and poor decisions with his running ability in the red zone. His accuracy and productivity chart closer to our lower performing QBs rather than our top guys. He’s a rookie, but the upside is probably not where we want it to be. Excusing his poor play due to his inexperience makes for good spin. It is not the sole reason for his struggles.

Regardless, Crane is supported by the best group of receivers we’ve had in this time period. He’s also got a better D and better offensive coordinator than his predecessors. He’s good enough to get us to Tampa. We just need him to be slightly better than he has been.


Bosco2BC said...

bill - just wanted to say thanks for all of your analysis. this is all great stuff. it's awesome to go on your site multiple times a day and see continuous updates. now let me get back to work!

blockparty said...

crane has thrown it 200 times in what amounts to 5 games because of URI and buffalo. it is much more fun with logan around vs bible.

ATL_eagle said...

Charles, URI and Buffalo skew the numbers somewhat. But all the other QBs had games against suspect opponents too.

Ralph said...

Sorry to get off topic here but I saw this on Gobbler Country (the VT blog)

"I'm pretty sure what BC does is against ACC rules. The band and student section noise is played over the speakers, even when play is going on. It was despicable. They also turned their big screens, which are between the goal posts, into strobe lights whenever Keys lined up for a field goal. That's just gamesmanship and plenty or places do that. But the amplified noise can't be legal."

Does BC actually do that? I have not noticed or maybe I am just naive and don't want to believe that.

Walter said...

As a friend of numerous people in the band and as an avid band watcher, I can say with certainty that the band definitely does not play during plays on the field. If they do sound at all, it's keeping a really small drum beat going, and I've never heard that over the loudspeaker - I can't guarantee they even do that small drum beat all the time. They never amplify anything major.

As for the student section noise, our student section stretches out for most of the left side of our field. I've never heard it amplified; we were probably just that loud. I don't really know how they would even go about amplifying that sound, anyway. I just dont think we're intense enough to record loud student noise and broadcast it. We're loud enough on our own, especially for the big games.

Eagle1 said...

Seriously - How bad can it be? That PA system was manufactured circa 1939. I sit in Section B. Every time the ref speaks, it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher making the call.

BCDisco said...

That post on Gobbler Country is nothing more than a textbook case of a sore loser. Ignore it.

I was in the band many moons ago and there were very strict rules concerning playing during the game. The drum major (the person conducting the rest of the band) would constantly be on the lookout to see what was happening on the field. As soon as the quarterback lined up (for either team), the music would be cut off.

Erik said...

The noise isn't pumped through the speakers during play.

They did however flash that strobe light thing (it says something like "Noise Time") during VT field goals which I thought was a little suspect. They haven't always done that, but did it this past week.

matthew2 said...

nothing to note about the noise... but the flashing on the screen was very noticeable. I was behind one of the endzones, and whenever VT was kicking a FG opposite of me, this strobe light effect was taking place.

I couldn't beileve it, and remarked about it to surrounding fans. It was the first time that I have seen it, and I DEFINITELY think it would affect a kicker. It's piercing to the eye at the least, and might ruin concentration as well.

I didn't mind taht it may have actually helped us win, but it seemed kind of bush league and I aws surprised to see that BC was doing it... Maybe it is a new thing that we do during night games, but I wonder if it will continue.

Erik said...

Hokies were 3-4 on FGs, 2-2 on extra points. the miss was from 44 yards, tough to say if the flashing graphic had an effect.

Big Jack Krack said...

I am very much against this flashing strobe light business - it's unsportsmanlike.

Let's sound off to GDF and stop that. The Gobble County (VT) poster has a valid point.

As for the noise - tough luck. That's what homefield advantage means - as long as it's not amplified - which I agree is not right. I'll be there for Clemson and Notre Dame and will find out in person.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Noise definitely not pumped in: Band is very conscientious about keeping it down during play. Scoreboard graphics are the only thing that could be questionable.

AlbanyEagle said...

I'm pretty sure the strobe effect is not new, just more obvious in night games. It definitely was remarked on last year at some point. I agree it is bush league and should be done away with.

I've never heard the band play during plays. There really good about that.
But it definitely is pumped through the speakers. It's actually annoying. My seats are in the opposite endzone, and the music actually sounds bad because I hear it instantaneously through the speakers behind me, then slightly delayed coming directly from the other end of the field. It's like an echo.

I understand the idea behind trying to get the stadium nice and loud and pumped up with the PA system and flashing lights, and it definitely has its place, but I kind of feel like it sometimes diminishes how great the band and the crowd can be on their own. Our band is great. We don't need it amplified.

BTW - ditto Bosco2BC. Always great work Bill.