Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clemson fans and other links

Following our game with Clemson, many Tiger fans took the time to write and email Clarence Megwa. To thank them, Jags wrote this letter. Class acts all around.

BC beat Clemson in the first round of the ACC soccer tournament.

A few Florida State players were involved in a campus fight Wednesday. Wanna bet that all involved will play Saturday night?

Brock Bradford hasn't lost a step since returning back to the ice.

Herzy got the full beat writer treatment as he was featured in the Globe, Herald and Daily News. All three articles had a focus on his draft status. I obviously hope he stays. Of resent BC guys, staying helped Ryan and Cherilus. It probably hurt Kiwi a bit (although he was a first rounder and has a Super Bowl ring).

Dan Williams will be used at fullback behind Codi Boek.

HD picked Florida State. Will this be another week where her pick jinxes our opponent?

The Globe featured new women's basketball coach Sylvia Crawley in an article today.

2010 BC target Peter Thomas enjoyed the Notre Dame game.

BC target Davon Custis will also visit Stanford.


LAEagle said...

Two words: Wildcat formation

Erik said...

Hilarious comment in that FSU fight article in the sentinel, from someone whose handle is U of M:

"Not to worry guys.
From what I heard a big fight broke out. Guy's were punching and kicking. It was getting really ugly until Preston Parker showed up and fired a few shots into the air. All peace was restored."

Eagle1 said...

At least one FSU player is accused of hitting another guy with a chair:

Regardless of who started the fracas, that's gotta be an automatic assault-with-a-weapon charge.

will said...

I had a conversation about this with my friends, who are all season ticket holders, and we agreed that Clemson seemed to have the best/classiest fans that we have encountered in the ACC so far. At the other end, we were not impressed by Virginia Tech or FSU fans.
Clemson looks like an awesome place to see a game and I really want to get down there next year or in the very near future.

CHI_Eagle said...

Agreed- after they came out during my senior year at BC, we all said we really liked their fans. Fun crew but not obnoxious.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Gotta agree: had similar conversation after the game. Clemson travels well and their fans have been passionate yet classy/respectful their past two trips up to Boston. In a word, they've been "cordial" guests.

VT generally has been crass and obnoxious; and FSU is just a a level beyond VT that is hard to put into words. My vote for least favorite fan base in the ACC.

Matthew said...

I love how clemson fans are so classy. I feel like BC fans are capable of this, and should try a little harder as a group to better our reputation. Not that it's negative, but we can always make it better.