Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crane in the spotlight and other links

HD posted a Crane article. He's saying all the right things. Let's hope he finishes his BC career on a high note.

QB recruit Nico Ranieri doesn't have an offer yet but is setting up a visit to Boston.

Quron Pratt will visit BC in December.

Herzy is rising up the draft boards. In the notes section of this Yahoo article, it claims Herzy is coming back for his Senior Year. (Thanks to Brendan for the link.)

More positive press for Matt Ryan. (Thanks to Enrico for the link.)

Future BC Orange Bowls will be on ESPN. (Thanks to Maeve for the link.)

The Men's Soccer game is now at 5 pm on Friday.

Here is Vince's FSU video


Big Jack Krack said...

Awesome video Vince and atleagle.

No more time to gloat, however - remain humble as a team, knowing we can do it if we approach this correctly. I think our coaches are doing a fine job of that.


BC must contain D.J. Boldin #4 WR - 6-0 220 lbs senior Pahokee, FL, 63 catches - especially with the return of Sam Swank. Bolden will also throw the ball occasionally, and has been successful once this year (1 TD)

I know that FSU kicker Gano could have hurt us badly last Saturday, but the defense came through. Swank is scary good. Skinner can be a very accurate passer and get WF into scoring position.

We have a big job on the road again - I like our guys to show up ready again this week. Tough game - Go BC - we can do it.

BC04 said...

On a remotely related note, regarding the occasional referral in the press to our mascot as the "Golden Eagles", I always knew this was incorrect and was irritated by it. That is until I received a letter from the GreaterTogether BCFund fundraising campaign. If any of you received that, look at the picture on the lower left of the middle page of the brochure. The hat that guy's wearing says "Boston College Golden Eagles". I checked and there's no such hat currently for sale on the BC bookstore website. Have any of you seen it before?

This with the unfortunate Gold Rush campaign and the lack of availability of authentic gear..our marketing/apparel/branding dept. has some work to do.

Alan said...

Not to be too harsh on HD, but reading her blog and seeing all the spelling and grammar mistakes makes me appreciate more how well you do with your posts. Add in that I think you give much better coverage with less bias (a strange thing to say about a blogger for a specific team) and it just makes for an amazing blog.

Thank you ATL.

Thomas said...

Nice mention of Harris in this article towards the bottom:

Also mentions the importance of saturday's game

Big Jack Krack said...

Winston Salem, NC

Nov 22 Saturday
Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 40s and lows in the mid 20s.

Old Heightsonian said...

BC04, Rest assured you were/are right. BC teams are simply the EAGLES--and always have been! I'm not sure what brochure you are referring to, but from your description I'm guessing the gentleman in the hat was photographed at his 50th Reunion. Keep in mind that BC alumni celebrating their 50th ("Golden Jubilee") Reunion are inducted into the "Golden Eagle Society" and referred to a "Golden Eagles."


They receive the ubiquitous Eagle lapel pin and some other specially-designed merchandise not available at the BC Bookstore. So I'm guessing that the hat you refer to is an example of that.

Speaking of the BC Bookstore... What's going on with the new website? Maroon and Gold never looked so much like Maoist Red and Yellow. Are these the folks that are supposed to be safeguarding our branding? Yikes... I hope it's just my screen...

Eagle1 said...

Old Heightsonian:

Re: the bookstore issue, the school is aware of the problem and is working to address it. Gold will become gold again, and maroon will become maroon again. The SuperFan apparrel may remain yellow, though, because it shows up far better on TV.