Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boxscore Breakdown: BC vs South Carolina Upstate

As expected, BC easily handled our game vs the South Carolina Upstate Spartans. The team now takes a break for exams and will resume play next week against longtime hoops rival Providence. You can't read too much into these sorts of tune up games...but I will any way. I didn't see the game live, so for those who did feel free to add your comments below.

Good stuff
3-point shooting. A good day from the new distance. If Tyler Roche can hit these in important games he won't be glued to the bench.
Raji on the boards. People say that the flex works best when you have good passers. The best Skinner offenses have had a scrappy offensive rebounder (Sidney, Dudley). Raji can be that type of player.

Head scratchers
-- Playing time. Tyler Roche got 17 minutes. I am okay with that. Dunn got 13 minutes. I am okay with that. Yet Dallas Elmore only played 9 minutes. Ravenel didn't play at all. They've looked good in limited spots this year. Why not give them more minutes in this sort of game? It's all more curious when two guys who don't seem to be part of the future (Roche and Dunn) saw long minutes on the court.
-- The foul shooting. 10-19 stinks. Southern missed most of those. Hopefully he'll be better in games that mean something.
-- Losing focus. We only outrebounded by two. We had more turnovers than they did. That's not the way you want to go into exam week.

Now let's hope the guys stay focused and don't come out rusty against the Friars.


Ryan said...

To be honest, I thought this was one of the worst games we played all year. USC-Upstate (seriously, this is a college) is 0-7 in the Atlantic Sun Conference. Most of this game was within 10 points. Unacceptable.

Ralph said...

Ya Ryan is right, I was at the game and it was bad. The team looked slow and out of sync at times, especially when the backups started coming. Southern took a step back from last year. Ditto for Biko.

One positive I really like was the way Jackson plays. He is the first man off the bench (rightfully too I might add) and he is the future of this team, once he learns how to create his own shot (which I'm sure he will given enough time).

I'm scared to watch this team hit ACC play - it could be very ugly.

GBM said...

Agreed, I didn't see the game but by reading the first few lines of this post, and then clicking the link to see Tyler Roche get 17 and Tyrese get 0 points, I figured we won by about 40. But 12 points? Really?

Ryan said...

By the way, is Tyrese in the doghouse? He hasn't played much lately, keeps getting in foul trouble, and generally seems disinterested. On second thought, maybe that's why he's not playing much. He doesn't even look like half of the player he was last year. This guy is all-ACC and he barely looks like an 6th man at this point.

Walter said...

I agree that this was a sloppy game; I was there and it was one of those boringly close games. Even though the scores weren't that far apart, you still kind of just knew we were likely going to win.

Rice is a real head scratcher at this point. He turned the ball over, had dumb fouls, and didn't score. There's two ways to look at it; it's either good that we can win without him or bad once real play starts. I'm hoping he's just coasting while he can...

Also, Roache earned the minutes he played. His 3's were fantastic and it was nice to see him clicking.

Ry said...

I was also there. The scrubs (Elmore, Dunn, Roche) all got time in the middle of the first when we looked like crap. It seemed as though Skinner was trying to punish the starters. Roche did look good though and it was good to see him hitting his shots. Trapani has been the most consistently good player on our team this year.

Rice looks ok, he doesn't seem to be able to create his shots. He seldom drove and when he did he dished it off instead of finishing. The bad guys had a big center (7'3'') who swatted him once and he didn't look eager to go back in there after that. he only took four shots (two threes.)

The offense looks seriously out of sync. I like Southern, but he doesn't go up strong. Trapani plays more outside and Raji can't create for himself down low. The flex relies on good front-court players.

I was also surprised not to see Ravenel...I'd guess it is either the doghouse or an injury.

eagle1331 said...

Tons of BC, Flutie, and Ryan love on ESPN last night...


morrina said...

Something is definitely up with Rice.