Friday, December 12, 2008

Castonzo honored and other links

College Football News put Anthony Castonzo on their CFN All-Sophomore Team. Thomas Claiborne earned second team honors. Montel Harris was named honorable mention among the freshmen.

HD has moved Jags up in her coaches ranking.

BC Guy Chris Mannix got to experience life in the D-League.

Dominic Wooten is a 2010 prospect that would love to play for BC. BC also has interest in 2010 QB Turner Baty.

In terms of dollars to a franchise, Ryan is the most valuable guy in the NFL right now. (Thanks to Willis for the link.)

BC guy Chris Snee is doing very well in the Pro Bowl fan voting.

If only you could win national championships in the classroom?


LAEagle said...

Wooten estimates he had 902 yards? Pretty good estimate...

About Five said...

Help us out on Heather. Is she dumb as a rock or intellectually lazier than a rock?

Brian Dale said...
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Brian Dale said...

Cutcliffe is her #4 coach in the ACC AHEAD of Jags (at NUMBER 5, lol)...seriously? Wow, this girl is more of a joke than I initially thought.