Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Raji perfect and other links

It was only Maine, but Corey Raji's 12-12 afternoon (as BC blewout the Black Bears) would be impressive at any level of basketball. The only thing keeping it from a true Curt Hennig performance were his two missed free throws. When I spoke of staying focused in these last few non conference games, this sort of day is what I hoped for.

The football team held their last practice at Alumni before the bowl. They are still talking about the ACC Championship Game. They need to let that go quickly. This bowl is important.

Vandy is breaking up their schedule for the holiday.

Vanderbilt was an important stop in Gene's career path.

The Edmonton Eskimo signed Kevin Challenger to a new deal.


LAEagle said...

If only Crane and Akins are on the injured list, is there a chance we see Toal? Or is this yet another oversight by Boston media re: BC football?

Raj said...

great Mr. Perfect reference. Ever think of a possible UFC summary (sorry if its already been done) for ex bc soccer player Kenny Florian?

Countdown begins to extending the bowl streak. And Hawaii must really blow....

BCNorCal07 said...

Merry Christmas, everyone! See you in Nashville.