Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home is where the heart is (for everyone but BC)

Until they start playing postseason games at Fenway or Foxboro, BC will never have a defacto home field advantage during a bowl. While we haven’t played a Murder’s Row during the “Bowl Streak,” there has been an overlooked degree of difficulty. By taking on Vanderbilt in Nashville, BC is once again in a virtual road game for a bowl. Take a look at some of the similar situations BC faced during the streak.

Bowl: 2002 Motor City Bowl
Opponent: Toledo
Location: Ford Field
Distance from Toledo’s Campus: 61 Miles

Bowl: 2004 Continental Tire Bowl
Opponent: North Carolina
Location: Bank of America Stadium (fka Ericsson Stadium)
Distance from North Carolina’s Campus: 112 Miles

Bowl: 2005 MPC Bowl
Opponent: Boise State
Location: Bronco Stadium
Distance from Boise State’s Campus: NA (it is their home field)

Bowl: 2008 Music City Bowl
Opponent: Vanderbilt
Location: LP Field
Distance from Vanderbilt’s Campus: 3 Miles

BC managed to win the previous "virtual" road games. Let's hope the streak within the "Bowl Streak" also continues in Nashville.


downtown_resident said...

While Nashville is 300 miles from the UGA campus, the 2001 Music City Bowl was 95% Georgia fans and the stadium was filled with a sea of red. That was a virtual road game and an impressive win by TOBy and William Green.

Also won me a beer from a loudmouth UGA grad with whom I attended grad school, although I had to remind him ten times before he finally paid up.

Joe Bags said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

J Mac said...

This might be because bowl organizers know that BC won't show up. Thus the only way we are attractive is if our opponent will back the stadium.