Monday, January 05, 2009

All Quiet on the Western Front

I haven't posted much this evening because there is still more speculation than sound information. Here is a brief recap.

What has been cleared up
-- There was no clause in the contract regarding Jags looking outside. You can talk spirit and intent all you want but if BC sources are saying BC would owe Jags the remainder, then it wasn't in writing. Most likely lawyers will settle this behind closed doors.

What we don't know
-- When will this end? The longer this goes on the more bizarre it becomes. Speculation on the new head coach has ranged from the likely in house candidates to long shot staffers (Coach McGovern?!?, Coach Day?!?) to old friends of the program to old friends of Gene (Fulmer?!?). Even with all the nonsense there is still a narrow possibility that Jags returns!

This cannot go on forever. I expect some formal announcement Tuesday but given how things have transpired, we might not know who the coach is at kickoff in September.


Joe Bags said...


About Five said...

The Jets interview is reported as Monday evening. If reports from players are true they have been told it is Spaz, then while this is painful it is actually happening both quickly and decisively. Quite amazing.

America said...

I think Gene is doing the right thing. Jags preached about being a BC guy and now he is the one bailing.

eagleboston said...

It's time for the College of Eagles to step in and mediate this deal. Sir Doug Flutie, Duke of Natick, Pope Donald Monan, Matty Ice, Tom Waddle, Father Don, Amy Poehler and Gary Gulman (a little levity to the situation), Matt Hasselback and The World's Greatest Jesuit, Bill Neenan. This esteemed group can help calm the tensions and make sure bridges are not completely torched between the 2 parties. They can also make sure BC does not rush into a coaching announcement without conducting a search, as should always be the case with openings (if an internal candidate is the best choice, great, but don't just appoint someone without a search process).

I understand Gene's position. Once you start interviewing, you are no longer truly the coach and recruits see this. They know you are shopping for a better deal and will leave the job sooner rather than later. However, he really boxed everyone in and made the institution look bad.

Alex said...

The Globe College Sports Blog just posted this Opinion Piece--more smug towards BC than it is anything else:

Unknown said...

That Globe Sports Blog is terrible. Jags had no affiliation with BC prior to being hired 2 years ago? Wasn't he an offensive assistant at the school for 2 years ('97 and '98)? I lost all confidence in the piece after reading that line. If Jags gave his word that he wouldn't look elsewhere for 3 years (as has been reported) and then hid the fact that he was contacted by the Jets, then Gene should be upset and should fire him. I like Jags a lot and feel he has done some good things for the school, but by going back on his word (allegedly) or hiding that type of info from his boss I have lost a ton of respect for the guy. He's not on the level of Petrino and Rich Rodriguez yet, but I expected more from him.