Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More bloggers weigh in on staff changes and other links is perplexed by the Tranquill hire.

This take at the Fanhouse references back to some of my earlier posts.

The Chargers signed DeJuan Tribble for another year. (Thanks to Tim for the link.)

The blogger picked up on Tajh Boyd's lack of certainty and excitement over his commitment to play at Clemson.


eagle1331 said...

I have been gone from being so far off the Tranquill Hiring Bandwagon when it happened... to sort of on it a week after... and I think I am have abandoned ship and gotten far away again.

It just makes no sense.

2 years of recruiting players for a different offense - down the drain

Continuity on the staff - nay

Picks up slack on recruiting - uhh, only at the nursing home

Splashy name to make up for lame HC hiring - not the right kind of splash

Will be at BC long - depends if his funeral is pre-arranged

Brings along great support staff - doesn't look that way

I think I would rather have Bible back.

Ted H said...

Lets not sugar coat it anymore. This is a shitty hire and unacceptable. Gene D has stuck his nose into every facet of the program over the last few years. How he could sit back and allow this to happen is beyond me. Maybe Tranquill has some hidden video from an airport bathroom on Gene D.

mod34b said...

Why was Tranquill hired...well what did Spaz say:

"Gary Tranquill might be one of the best football coaches in America," Spaziani said

I guess if he beleives that and it is also true, then it might be a great hire...

best that can be said is that we have lowered the bar of expectations!

Big Jack Krack said...

I was VERY disappointed in the hiring of Gary Tranquill - and I just haven't had the same excited feeling for the team, the program or especially GDF's Athletic Department since.

Why should we have to lower our expectations? Well, because of moves like this. He MIGHT BE a great coach, but deep down we know this is BS.

We have to help figure a way to rally and support the players we presently have.

I'm really worried about recruiting now and going forward.

Just when you think you might have a program after all the years of building since probably at least 1974, 1976, and 1977 when we played Texas, winning one and getting trounced twice - and I can argue that we have been building since before that - now we've come to this!

This is a huge risk that didn't have to happen - we can only hope for the best and focus on our players, and their self-motivation.

eagle1331 - I felt the same way - bring back Bible - unbelievable. What does a new head coach have to do in order to make us feel this jittery? We're looking at it.

Ted H said...

If you believe as Spaz says "Gary Tranquill might be one of the best football coaches in America," than I have some swamp land for sale in Florida that you might be interested in. This just tells me one of two things: 1)Spaz is old and he has very poor judgement or 2)He had a very poor relationship with all the other coaches on the staff. Either scenario is alarming.

BCNorCal07 said...

I'll say it again: This hiring completely undermines the very process that got Spaz hired in the first place. The only the "coaching search" can be justified is if you're looking for continuity and commitment. Gene had to have been looking for a guy from within the program who was a "BC guy" and was loyal to the school. But now there is zero continuity on the offensive side of the ball as every important assistant (except Day, maybe) is gone. Plus, our new OC has a record of being a bad recruiter and not being able to properly identify and utilize his own talent. Ruh-roh.

I hate to project this far out, but I'm certainly not expecting another trip to Tampa. I do expect us to struggle to score points. That's a big problem. As John Madden would say, you've got to score more points than the other guy. I just don't see that happening against good defenses next year.

Eagle1 said...

You guys don't recognize a sweet deal when it's staring you right in the ass. Tranquill is the OC. His giant right ear gets to be the special-teams coach, and his left is the tight-ends coach. 3 for the price of 1.

eagleboston said...

Shit, the whole world is falling apart....100,000 jobs lost just this week and you guys are whining about an assistant coach? For goodness sakes, he has not even coached one play yet. Let's at least wait until week 3 of the season before we start proclaiming the end of BC football.
Has anyone thought about the possibility that Tranquill was brought in to mentor Day for a couple years?

Adam M. said...

Did I miss something? Didn't our offense struggle to score points last season, under a so-called offensive genius like Steve Logan? You guys are talking like our offense was good last year, and now it's going to suddenly suck under the new guy. News flash! Our offense was young last year and struggled remarkably, it can't possibly get much worse than it was. Weren't people like Davis, Haden, and Harris all "Jags/Logan" type guys? Why couldn't we get a high-powered offense with their guys? Wasn't Matt Ryan not a prototypical "Jags/Logan offensive system" guy? Chris Crane seemed to fit more into the Jags/Logan style than Ryan did...and obviously Davis was their style too. How did those two turn out last year? I don't get why everyone is so down on least give the guy a chance. Seriously, is the sky falling too? Did Mark Herzlich declare for the draft? Did every letter-winner last year get shot in the leg? What did I miss? Are we no longer returning 4 starters on the ACC's top O-Line from 2008? Or how about the guy who broke the record for most rushing yards in a season by a freshman? Is Tranquill's playcalling going to be so bad that he isn't going to use Harris as often as he should, and favor Haden and an inexperienced passing game instead? Oh wait, that sounds a lot like Logan's offense! My bad.

Adam M. said...

And I remember ATLEagle saying in a prior post about who Spaz should think about hiring on his staff included a guy who has head-coaching experience. Doesn't Tranquill fit into that mold? And eagleboston, that's a great point. I think it's ridiculous that people are pointing to the "lack of winning seasons" or whatever when Tranquill was an OC at Michigan State and UNC. Was he also in charge of the defenses too? Or the head coaching? So the reason why his teams lost were all his doing?

eagle1331 said...


Ted H said...

As I said before Eagle Boston and Adam, you can sugar coat it all you want but the results of the offenses that he coached have been abysmal. He has not utilized the talent he has had in prior coaching gigs. In addition, many have said he has been the worst recruiter on these staffs. Show me one article where someone other than Spaz sticks up for the guy or thinks this is a good hire. Maybe back in 1952 he would be a good hire. Gentleman the game has changed a lot since then. And yes we realize there are more important things going on in the world than BC Football. That does not mean we want to just give up and resign our football program to third rate status. We are better than this. The moment we start accepting things of this nature is the moment we move back to the Dan Henning days.

Unknown said...

"The moment we start accepting things of this nature is the moment we move back to the Dan Henning days."

So you believe that complaining on a message board will suddenly convince Spaz or Gene to dump Tranquill before he's coached a down? Look, I think there's good reason for concern about this hire. But let's at least wait and see what happens on the field before we all announce that we have lost our interest in BC football.

eagle1331 said...

The way the outside events of the world affect our regular lives decide how you make it through the tough times. I for one will not give up the things I care about most - BC and sports are 2 of those things. I will complain about them because it takes my mind off of the other crap I have to worry about for a little while.

Sigh of relief - McGovern to be named DC

bobble said...

I'm not going to bash the hire yet because like I read earlier our offense was bad last year so it can't get much worse.

I have heard people say that Tranquill was brought in to mentor Day, which makes zero sense since Day is a spread offense guy (at Florida and under Logan) while Tranquill uses a primarily running offense.

Angry Eagle said...

I have stayed off posting since Eagle in Atlanta banned me for daring to question Jags mid season, and calling him out on the carpet for what I perceived as his soft criticism of Jags and Logan. But I can't stay silent any longer. I though Jags was a bad hire for precisely the reason he is no longer with BC any longer. He didn't value or deserve the job in the first place, Mark Whipple did. I said it 2 years ago when TOB left, BC had a chance to land a proven winner and they blew it over a "can do" interview by Jags and nothing else. We all will rue the day they passed over Whipple in favor of a carpet-bagger like Jags. Now BC is spinning its wheels, hiring a bunch of old farts that will drive us to the bottom of the conference. Whipple meanwhile, lands the job at Miami as OC, a tremendous platform for him with all that athletic talent on the O side of the ball. In 2 years he will be the hot coach in the country, and hook on as the head man at a big time program and take them to unprecedented heights. No doubt. What a lost opportunity. Don't say I (and others) didn't tell you so 2 years ago.

Adam M. said...

I never said the guy was a good hire, I just said people are acting like the world is ending because we hired him. Let the guy at least coach half a season before we start declaring him the worst coach in the history of American football. Like I said, the offense doesn't really have anywhere else to go but up compared to last year's showing. Spaz is still going to be calling defensive plays I'm sure. It's going to be a very similar team as last year's...the only difference is that the competition will be tougher, so the record and division title might suffer because of that.

eagleboston said...

I agree, Adam. It's not like the BC offense has been prolific and dynamic under Jags-Logan. I say "good riddance" and let's give the geriatric crusaders a shot.

The rest of you can go watch "Logan's Run."