Thursday, January 29, 2009

Report: BC will promote McGovern

A smaller news site out of New Jersey reports that Bill McGovern will be our next Defensive Coordinator. It is probably true, but I am surprised it didn't break at one of the Boston outlets or on one of the BC message boards.

McGovern is a solid selection and helps with continuity on the defensive side of the ball. He briefly served as interim DC under Dan Henning more than a decade ago. McGovern has coached under three different BC Head Coaches and clearly likes the school and the area. He is also an important recruiter for us in northern Jersey.

There have been grumblings that McGovern felt neglected and slighted as BC took its time in naming him as Spaz' successor. Supposedly Spaz made a play for a few big names. In the end this move makes sense. The next question is how involved will Spaz be in defensive game prep and in-game play calling?


Unknown said...

I am glad McGovern is staying but this whole things is playing out like the blind leading the blind.

I have an incredibly bad taste in my mouth about how this process was handled even though I agree with canning Jags in the first place.

My fear is that if Spaz churns out 8 win seasons that will be mediocre enough to keep him around for 5 years while the program is run into the ground.

I have posted on here before about my support for Gene but his neck should be on the line right next to Spaz.

Unknown said...


conlonc said...
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Anonymous said...

So after Gene has managed to ruin the entire atheletics department, this is what I understand from him are the standards for his athletic prorams after the last week:

BC Football: We must get to the Chuck Cheese Gooey Bowl in Pueblo, CO every year and win with a 7-5 record (Going 500 in the ACC). A trip to the ACCCG game is only allowed every 10 years. The coaches must live in Gene's basement.

BC Basetball: Gene to Al, "Just get us to the NIT; I don't care about the Big Dance, being on the bubble for the Big Dance is a winning season for me. I would be estatic if we got to the new college tournament in March."

The only thing that Gene has not touched is Hockey and look at what that has done without his meddling.
If only football and basketball were treated the same way.

Leahy's oblivious to what is going on. He is just concerned with the expansion. Someone has to wake him up. I can't believe he gives Gene carte blanche over the TOB fiasco, Ingelse fiasco, and now Jags. Something has to give.

Why are we so silent? Why do the boosters just sit and watch their hard owned support to the university go up in smoke????? Where is the injustice?

I feel like we are those kids that get beat up by a bully everday and just take the punishment. When are we going to say enough is enought?

Nick P. said...

I agree with what you and others are saying of Gene's handling of the Jags situation, but I think to condemn everything he's done as an AD is a pretty harsh criticism.

It's the AD's job to ensure that the overall sports program recruits qualified student athletes, fields competitive teams, effectively markets the program, and provides an excellent environment (from class to the facilities) for the student athletes.

If you compare the state of athletic program when Gene was hired to where it is today, it has improved dramatically in nearly everyone of those categories. Sure he's made some bad decisions and judgment calls, but he's certainly done more good for the program than harm in my opinion.

Just like Iglese got stale as the WBB coach and perhaps plateaued, this can also happen to the AD. One could contend that's the case and that we need a new AD to get to the next level, but, again, that may be a difficult argument given Gene's graduation rates and various national and conference championships.

Big Jack Krack said...

I like this choice and I am comfortable giving McGovern the chance.

After all, the guy picked off 2 Doug Flutie passes at Fitton Field just before the jet came to pick Doug up for the Heisman Trophy ceremony in 1984 :-)

Jags to Tamp Bay as OC. More power to the man - nice warm climate. How would you like to be one of his kids - moving every year or two?

Lenny Sienko said...

ESPN is running the McGovern appointment as Def Coord on the chyron during the Va Tech Clemson BB game.