Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tampa names Jags offensive coordinator

Jags is now officially back in the NFL. He joins new Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris as offensive coordinator. Regardless of what you think of the BC breakup it does bring some financial relief to BC's football program. Reportedly the school's obligation is prorated based on Jags' future employement. The uncertain news is if any current BC staffers will join him in Tampa.


eagle1331 said...

They also hired an O-Line coach, so who from BC would he possibly need? Day as a WR coach? Wouldn't make too much sense, I don't think...

Eagle1 said...

It will be especially nice to watch Ryan beat up on Tampa now.

Adam M. said...

Maybe Jags will actually win an important game played in Tampa for once! And I can't wait for the season to start, so we can actually talk about football and let the team play it out on the field, rather than listen to everyone bitch about how much they hate Tranquill or dislike Spaz as a coach! I'll wait to criticize when the team proves that they can't win.

Big Jack Krack said...

Adam is right - let's get another thread going and talk about the players - have some fun.

For instance, with Goodman coming up, should the coaches consider putting Claiborne back on defense - in the Raji/Brace tradition?

Do we have enough depth at linebacker, or should the coaches consider putting McCluskey back there again?

Tuggle or Davis? My early money is on Tuggle, and hopefully a mobile QB will give our running backs some tremendous opportunities as well. If Tuggle could be anything like Wilson at NC State - Oh Boy!

What about Max Holloway - will he step in and get us some speed off the end and pressure the opposing quarterback? And Albright - how's he doing after his surgery?

Who is going to take Akins role of spying the quarterback?

Will Jarvis and Momah be able to get to the next level? How about Larmond? Could be great!!! Not to mention Gunnell.

Defense should still be great - Go Coach McGovern.

Let's get it going - we have top-notch players.

Hell - we could win it all next year, all the while flying under the radar :-)

BCMike said...

Great post, BKJ.