Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Eagles and other links

BC picked up a few more commitments over the weekend. The most important was arguably kicker Nate Freese. The hope is that he'll give us the distance we've been lacking on kickoffs and long field goals. It probably means that Steve Aponavicius won't be back for a fifth year.

The end of this article mentions new BC commit Conor O'Neal.

Ryan Day' coaching future remains up in the air. Don Yanowsky is gone (sorry no link yet). This was somewhat expected since he had ties with Logan and Jags.

Final Raji plug from the Senior Bowl.

The hockey team picked up another critical win over Maine on Sunday.

William Pratcher will not be an Eagle, but in his own words "BC never really showed me that they really wanted me"

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eagle1331 said...

Would it be a promotion if Day gets named to a different positional coaching job? I can't imagine WR Coach is at the top of the list behind OC. What if he becomes O-line and Assistant HC or something like that?

Tranquil appears to be a QB guy, which makes sense. Maybe Day can be assistant oc? I don't know, it just seems we should keep the guy around...