Monday, January 26, 2009

Speculating on staff changes

'Like sands through the hourglass...

The hardcore fans are debating the merits of Spaz's first hire and trying to read the tea leaves to figure out who is staying and who is going. Before I get into the speculation, let me restate what I said this weekend: 1. we won't get positive confirmation on returning staffers until after Signing Day and 2. if Jags gets hired you could see one or two guys join him in the NFL.

Topic 1: 'Oregon hired a WR coach, that means Ryan Day is staying at BC, right?'

It is a good indicator but doesn't assure anything. Once Mike Belotti steps down, another coaching spot will open up with the Ducks. Day will be a likely candidate then too. For a young guy he's got a decent network and a strong reputation so he'll have options. I hope he stays. In his case, I would say we won't have any positive confirmation until Signing Day.

Topic 2: If Yano is gone, why is he still listed on the team web site?
I would chalk it up to the site hasn't been updated. Bicknell is still listed and they haven't put anything up for Tranquill yet (outside of the press release).

Topic 3: What is going on with McGovern and the defensive coordinator opening?

There a few different theories floating around on this one. McGovern might still get the job, but if he was the prime candidate why wouldn't they have locked him in and announced it already? Occam's Razor would say they are looking elsewhere and he is the fallback.

Topic 4: We have three openings, when are we going to hear about new staffers and hires?

I think you'll hear names as they happen. BC might wait until after signing day as a courtesy to their current employers. As far as who they will hire, I think you can look at Jags' staff and Spaz's first hire as templates. Expect any new staffers to have a BC connection, Spaz connection or Gene D connection. The coaching fraternity does exist and they are likely to go with familiar faces.

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