Friday, January 02, 2009

Recruiting news and other links

A bunch of high-profile recruits are still listing BC but probably going in other directions. Unfortunately they continue to list BC to add some drama to their announcements. Silly, isn't it? Take Tajh Boyd. He is likely to announce on national TV this Saturday. He lists his final three as Ohio State, Oregon and BC. He has yet to visit BC. I would be shocked if he select BC without ever seeing the campus.

Mark Brazinski is another kid set to decide this weekend. He still mentions BC, but I am not counting on him being an Eagle.

Joel Kight still lists BC, but is still taking a trip to Ole Miss.

Jelani Jenkins favors Penn State but may visit BC.

Matt's recieved plenty of positive press this year, but this is one of the better articles on the ultimate BC Guy.

The BC women won the Blue Sky Championship.


blockparty said...

This is why I love Matt.

“He talked about it being a team – and it wasn’t contrived – and talked about this as a group effort. He totally steered clear of throwing a dart at any of the supporting cast that he had there. He handled it exactly how he needed to handle it. I think there was some clapping underneath the table.”

eagleboston said...

I'm starting to get concerned about recruiting. I'm not a big fan of the ratings but I do think we are not getting the caliber of talent that a team that has been to the ACC Championship Game twice should get.

Further, BC is not protecting their home turf. Too many Massachusetts players are going elsewhere. I noticed that the Iowa Hawkeyes have a verbal from a kid out of Duxbury. No way should BC be losing home players to the Hawkeyes.

mod34b said...

here is how Rivals ranks the current recruiting efforts. Why is BC so baaaddd???

recruiting ACC

1. UNC -- 5th best on rivals
2. FSU -- 10th best
3. miami -- 13th
4. VaTech --24
5. Maryland -- 29
6. UVA -- 34
7. G'Tech -- 37
8. clemson -- 39
9. wake -- 48
10. nc state -- 49
11. duke -- 51
12. bc -- 64th PLACE!!!