Friday, January 09, 2009

What a weird week

I thought this would be a sleepy week with plenty of Year in Review stuff. So much for that. I still haven't even had time to rewatch the bowl game yet. Under normal circumstances I would have done deep dives on the glorious North Carolina upset and the troubling Harvard loss.

On the basketball front, BC takes on Miami Saturday night. Let's hope it is with renewed focus.

Coaching News Update
Despite reports, BC did not name an interim coach Friday. That's good news. An interim serves no real purpose. People close to the process are sketching a scenario where outsiders are being interviewed this weekend and Leahy will make a decision among the internal and external finalists by the middle of the next week. I'll provide updates as they happen.


Even without a coach some are expecting big things from us next year. Depending on who we put in place, I think the team has real potential.

Nick Klemm is still committed to BC regardless of who the coach is.

These guys think they have the keys to success for a BC coach.

This writer thinks Gene might be a little hypocritical.

Although coachless, BC is still recruiting and has interest in Nico Ranieri.


campy said...

I've seen this idea in several stories and blog comments: "Gene would be a hypocrite to hire anyone who's under contract now."

Why doesn't anyone get it? It's okay as long as the candidate gets permission first.

eagleboston said...

Spot on, Campy!