Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ageism and other links

When BC promoted Spaz I said fairly or not his age would be used against him on the recruiting trail. We just got confirmation that it is already happening. Check out this quote from Ralph Friedgen: [Eds. note: I added the bold]
"I said, 'Who said that?' And he said, 'One of your competitors,' " Friedgen said. "Well, Penn State was recruiting him, and so was Boston College. I said, 'Well, [BC coach Frank] Spaziani is 64 and [Joe] Paterno's pushing 90. You're worried about me retiring?' I said, 'No, I don't think so.' "

For the record Friedgen and Spaz both turn 62 in April. Call it dirty tricks, but BC better prepare for this on the recruiting trail. Having an even older offensive coordinator doesn't help things. I hope the open staff spots are filled with a few really young guys. BC will need the appearance of energy and enthusiasm on the staff.

The hockey team bounced back from the Beanpot thrashing with a win over UMass Friday night.

Texas Tech learned from the Gene-Jags showdown and is putting in provisions limiting Mike Leach's ability to interview for other jobs.

Here is Kenpom's thumbnail of Wake Forest. As if you didn't already know -- they are very good.


kp said...

Friedgen might not retire soon, but as he is pushing 500 lbs. he may kick the bucket soon.

matthew said...

haha... that's f'd up, but I like it