Friday, February 06, 2009

Coaching in waiting dilemma and other links

Maryland just named James Franklin their "coach in waiting." This is a popular tag these days in college football. Its purpose is twofold. First it puts in a succession plan that hopefully provides continuity. The second, less obvious benefit, is that there are fewer recruiting restriction on staffers. A Head Coach is limited in his allowable interaction with potential recruits. A coach in waiting is not. But to a recruit, he is the next in line so therefore carries an heir of importance that a normal staffer does not. With coaches younger than Spaz doing the coach in waiting thing, BC would seem like a logical candidate to also name a successor. But that is not going to happen. It's too expensive. It's too premature given that Spaz hasn't even coached a game. It's also too early to even consider if we want continuity from this era. When BC looks for a new head coach it will probably be time to look beyond the TOB tree. All that said once the full staff is announced, I will do a piece on the head coaching potential of some of the current names under Spaz.

The Ferrieros will be the latest siblings to play for Jerry York.

Ironically Gene's son landed a job with the Jets.


Erik said...

I hate the coach in waiting. It will just lead to too much drama after every loss. "Get rid of Friedgen, let's get Franklin going!!" etc. Its not like the human race is going to stop knowing how to coach football and you can't find somebody just as good as your "coach in waiting" next time you need a coach.

It can help assure recruits that they'll know their staff, but it's not a situation I like for any program I have an interest in.

CT said...

I hope GD's son isn't tempted to interview for a job at BC.

I love irony.

BCMike said...


Do you think he'd lie to the Jets and schedule the interview behind their back, after promising to stay for several years to the Jets' brass?

That would be ironic...

Erik said...

John DeFilippo and GM Mike Tannenbaum may disagree with the direction of the Jets program.

CT said...

Not to rehash, but GD should've kept the ultimatum behind closed doors. Unless Jags leaked it, but I thought someone on here said that didn't happen.

The interview was simply a resume builder--he wasn't getting the job--but I don't think Jags handled it well at all.

Don't think either side came out of that clean.

With the Favre/Jags link, maybe the DeFilippo's are plotting their revenge on the Jets. You know, like convincing Favre to play another year.

To the original point, I'm not a fan of the "coach in waiting" concept, either. It probably only works in unique circumstances, for well established coaches who acknowledge their tenure is ending. Didn't realize Friedgen fit into that category.