Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Are we watching a team of road warriors?

The first half was easily the best 20 minutes this team has played this year. The second half wasn't as pretty but the team held on, made their foul shots and picked up another ACC road win. With the killer stretch approaching, the team needed this.

-- Rice and Paris on the court together. Instead of spelling Rice, Paris joined him for long stretches. This helped with the pressure and opened up some easy shots for Rice. We probably need to do this more in the coming weeks.
-- Rebounding at both ends. BC controlled the boards throughout. Very good night for Sanders. When he picks up rebounds, good things happen.
-- More solid minutes from Roche. He finally knocked down some open 3s. He's playing with house money now.

-- Dealing with the zone. As soon as it looks like we have a solution for the press, a different elemental scheme gives us fits. The shot selection and ball movement against the zone was terrible.
-- Sloppy passing. 20 turnovers! Unbelievable. Fortunately we dominated all other aspects of the game so this wasn't a big factor.

Glad this trap game is behind us. Now the team can focus on Wake and erase the embarrassment from earlier in the season.


johnoatesforthree said...

hmm good point, i hadn't noticed that we only had 2 losses on the road and one on a neutral court.

i noticed jackson didn't play as much. too bad because he brings a lot to the table. however, i can see a problem finding minutes for him if we play paris and rice at the same time and sanders is having a good night because that really cuts into his time.

Walter said...

I am so amped for this team; I want 1 one of the next 3 games. I think we can do it.

BCNorCal07 said...

Jackson got in foul trouble in both halves. It was strange to see three point guards (Rice, Paris, Jackson) on the floor for extended portions of the first half. He also didn't play very well; he had a couple silly charges. And man does this team play well if Roche is hustling and hitting a couple shots. It really opens up the middle of the floor.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Completely agree: 1 out of the next three is definitely the goal- and would be huge for this team's confidence.