Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thoughts on Spaz's press conference

Spaz's announced his first signing class earlier today. I thought it went well. Spaz is Spaz. He's pretty straight forward in his speech and delivery. The class only consists of 16 players now. Verbal commit Jimmy Noel has yet to send in his letter of intent.

He didn't say much about the individual players. His point of emphasis was that they all come from good families and have good support systems. He also made a point to praise Mike Siravo's efforts and the importance of holding the class together. Spaz admitted he hadn't been on the road much lately and said the pace the past few weeks has been frantic. Let's hope he doesn't tire of the road work since he is now the face of the program.

Note to BC, these press conferences are great but would be better if the press had microphones. When watching the stream you can barely hear their questions and are only left to infer what was asked based on Spaz's answer.

I'll have more on the class as a whole once the Noel situation is resolved.


Alex F. said...

Danny Ventura from the Herald, who is pretty reliable, now reporting that Noel to BC is official

jprinzivalli said...

Gotta second Alex's find: Ventura says Noel's sold on BC. Essentially visited Penn St. last weekend, and vacillated up to 4pm this afternoon. Confirmed by Everett coach John DiBiaso.

CT said...

One would never know we were part of the ACC with this recruiting class.

EL MIZ said...

CT...not to be a chump, but its like that way every year. obviously with the coaching change (and presumably jags not giving a damn about recruiting all year, from everything i hear he had his foot out the door since matty ice went 3rd overall) the class is weaker than usual.

our best recruit ever (toal) just finished a 5-year stint at the heights, and wasn't even invited to the combine. as bill reminds us time and again, the rankings are always misleading.

Unknown said...

I think CT was talking more about the geographical spread of the recruits.

Could be wrong though.

I'm happy with the the fact that there is no QB of note.

CT said...

Yes, I was referring to the geography of the class. A big part of the switch to the ACC was to extend our roots into the south. I understand the inherent difficulties this year, and I'm no fan of recruiting rankings, but other than Davis, there seems to be no new ground broken this year. Maybe I'm being unrealistic in my expectations.

One caveat: rankings are often off the mark, but there is a reason that USC, Texas, Florida, etc. finish near the top every year.

Nobody would confuse this class with an especially good one.

It does appear that the running back position is set for awhile.

eagleboston said...


Florida and Texas are massive state schools and USC is a very large private school rich with football tradition. We will never compete with them for top recruits. Never. Further, BC plays in a wimpy stadium in a pro sports town. The fans don't bother to show up for kick-off and often the visiting team is louder than the BC bores. The sooner you can accept this the sooner you will just sit back and enjoy BC football for what it is.

What is BC football? It is a competitive team in the ACC that graduates its players and puts an enormous number of players in the NFL for a school of its size. It is a program of integrity and grit and the players and coaches fight hard and play above their potential. They consistently compete for the Atlantic Division and one day will make a BCS bowl. But, make no mistake about it, if BC competes for a national title in our lifetime, that will be a miracle akin to a 5'10" kid chucking a pass 60 yards with :06 on the clock. Possible, but once in a lifetime.

In the meantime, don't waste a lot of time worrying about this class. We are years away from assessing the players and keep in mind, 4 to 5 great players can define a class.

Alex F. said...

We got guys from 12 different states including two areas (Georgia, southeastern Virginia) we practically never touched before joining the ACC. The class could be stronger but the geographical spread is fine.

CT said...

Please, I've been around BC since '92, I don't really need to be told to "accept this." I know all too well the inherent disadvantages BC is playing with. I was not comparing BC to those schools--I've enunciated plenty of times in the past that I enjoy the underdog status and the graduation rates. And being from Atlanta, I know all too well the differences between football in the northeast and football in the southeast. I spend no time worrying about where BC fits in the college football universe...I know its place well.

And getting one unheralded recruit from outside of Atlanta does not progress make. Sorry.