Sunday, February 15, 2009

Down goes Duke

Coming into this stretch I said BC couldn't go 0-3 against the top teams. After watching Wake and Clemson pull away, I feared the same thing would happen against Duke. Shows that I am wrong (again) since the exact opposite happened. Instead this time BC came out with the adjustments in the second half. BC's D got better in the second half. It was Duke that saw their players foul out. And then in the final minutes BC made all the plays. This is a second "resume win" for a team that is still on the bubble. If BC can get at least one more ACC win they should be in good position for the tournament. Here are some of my additional thoughts. As always please leave yours in the comments.

-- Roche-Jackson-Sanders-Rice-Trapani lineup. I couldn't find another game where Trapani and Roche shared so much floor time. You wouldn't think it would work but both played good D and hit some huge shots. Having Jackson and Sanders out there makes this a strong rebounding group and a versatile defensive unit. A dominant big man could expose this five together, but against a team like Duke it worked wonders.
-- Sanders early. Everyone seemed a step slow to start but Sanders made some big plays and held things together early. He has certainly put the Wake game behind him.
-- Trapani's D. Smart shot blocking and some big rebounds. Who knew he had it in him.
-- Adjusting to the Duke pressure. It was the best the team has looked against an aggressive defense all season.

-- Dunn and Southern. I thought big men would be important. I just didn't expect it to be Trapani and Roche. These two weren't effective and also made some dumb plays.
-- Turnovers. This game was still a bit too sloppy.

Finally, here are a few more photos from Chris S.


Ry said...

this is not a bubble team. stop saying that. chicken little has no place here. this team will finish the regular season with at least 21 wins including wins over UNC and Duke. that's more than enough and you should know that.

schmammerfaced said...

Eaaaassssy Ry - the best thing we (and the team) can learn from this win is to not get too high off of it - or we might lose to Harvard. Gotta come out strong in Miami against a team that almost took out Carolina tonight.

That said, incredible, incredible win. Christ, I hate Duke.

TMDavin said...

19 wins is not a lock for the tournament. With UNC and now Duke, I feel very good about our chances, but I'll be a lot happier with one or two more W's.

Overall, what an erratic year -- but this season is more fun and memorable than I expected. Kudos to the team.

ATL_eagle said...

Ry, not saying it to be a chicken little or Debbie Downer. I am saying it because we still haven't won 8 ACC games. A 7-9 ACC record and loss to Harvard will be killer. Do I think we will get to 8? Yes. But nothing is certain. One more win is needed.

BCMike said...

TMD said:

"Overall, what an erratic year -- but this season is more fun and memorable than I expected."

Amen to that, brother. Extremely frustrating games: 1st VT game, Clemson game, Wake game.

Rewarding and exciting as all get out games: 2nd VT game (Sanders tip), GT game (OT in hostile building), UNC @ UNC, and beating Duke for the first time in nearly a quarter of a decade.

Ry said...

Apologies for my post last night as I think i was unduly influenced by some postgame pops at MAs.

To clarify, when I thin k of Bubble Teams, I think of teams who, even if they win all the games they should, are still not a lock. Maybe my definition of a bubble team is different from other people's. In any event, if we win the games we should from here on, we are dancing without a problem and that is what I think I was trying to say.

Christopher Skillman said...

Here are some more pictures I took from section VV

johnoatesforthree said...

ATL, were you surprised by Trapani's play? I think he's been much more valuable this year than people have realized.

Also, does anyone think we could go small all the time? Villanova did that a few years ago (basically just had a center and 4 guards) and had a very good team. It just means your guards have to really pressure the ball to not allow entry passes. Kind of late in the season to change it up drastically though