Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tough day for baseball and other links

After shelling Clemson Friday, BC looked to win another ACC series on Saturday. However, the Tigers won both ends of the double header.

Francois continues to gain NFL interest.

I answered a few questions for ACC Sports about the end of the basketball season and Jags-Gene-Spaz.


harrow said...

Looks like Ryan decides to take a crack at the ACC again, I thought he was coming around.

eaglefbfan said...

Anyone else see Gene sitting next to the Pitt bench with the the "Why did we ever leave the Big East?" look on his face throughout that epic battle last night?

downtown_resident said...

Yeah, I'm sure Gene looks at our two consecutive division titles in football, our third-best win total in ACC basketball since 2005, and our division-leading baseball team, not to mention our dramatically expanded revenues, and really thinks we should have stayed in the Big East. We left and we're happy where we are, so get over it, you troll.

NG21 said...

those were great answers Bill to the ACC Sports Q&A as you succinctly captured the temperature of many factions of the BC fanbase.

Also, I have to agree with downtown resident on Big East versus ACC. I may get frustrated sometimes with GD or Al but the move to the ACC has been a no brainer great move from Day 1.

As an alum living in California, our program has had much more visibility out here because of the ACC affiliation. There have been more than a few times that I have been pleasantly surprised to find BC on TV for both football and hoops.

Tip of the cap to Uconn and Villanova, but a Final 4 team is the only way they are going to get national coverage for their programs.

mmason said...

Very concise and comprehensive remarks, Bill, to the ACC Sports Q&A.
And as for leaving the Big East, Downtown Res nails the reasons for the Big Adios to the Big Least--and add to the list the beauty of not having to listen to the Calhoun (the Al Davis of the conference?) talkin'trash about BC as another added plus...Now the Calhoun has to explain his shady recruiting methods to the NCAA--and why the ethics manual for UConn B'ball is 1 page long and he didn't bother to read that either.
BC in the ACC has been the smartest move we've made since admitting Doug Flutie as a freshman. Period.

eaglefbfan said...

Two straight division titles over weak competition with no BCS appearance to show for it. I was at the Virginia Tech game this past year. Primetime on Saturday night. ESPN. Ranked conference foe. It wasn't even sold out. Stay in the Big East and you're going to BCS games while playing better squads than you find in the ACC.

The ACC is not what it used to be in college basketball. Sure, you have UNC, but what else has anyone done for me lately? Duke has not been a real factor since their last Final Four in 2004. Sure, they had that great year in 2006, but where did it end? In the Sweet 16 to LSU. Wake and Clemson are decent but always choke. NC State has fallen off the map without Sendek. FSU and Maryland have been on the "bubble" and finally made it in this year, but were gone early. Georgia Tech has struggled the last few years, but does have a good recruit coming in. Virginia Tech and Miami are stuck in mediocrity and UVA is going through another coaching change.

Great, they have expanded revenues. What have they done with it? I've been to Boston College recently. Looks the same way it did in 2005.

Getting to the Final Four is NOT the only way UConn is going to get exposure for their programs. Who was on Sports Illustrated's College Basketball preview cover? UCONN. They have won two titles in 10 years. They are nationally recognized.