Friday, March 27, 2009

Women keep trucking in WNIT and other links

The BC women beat St. John's yesterday to advance to the next round of the WNIT. They host Georgetown Sunday. If you haven't been to a women's game this year, go out and support the gals. They are the only ones still playing!

In football news, Steve Aponavicius is officially coming back and Harris has a new number.

College Football News started posting the first of their spring previews.

Nick Petrecki is passing on his final two years of eligibility and will turn pro. He's part of the Sharks organization.

Is anyone surprised that HD doesn't think BC will be in the top half of the division. This will be a running theme from most writers this spring.

USA Hockey added BC stars Kelli Stack and Molly Schaus to their roster.

Sorry Indiana or Kansas but when it comes to college hoops you are not as popular as BC! Clearly this wasn't a great poll or based on TV ratings or dollars spent. But I'll take it. (Thanks to BC Mike for the link.)


BCNorCal07 said...

"We can be a 1-2 punch." Awesome! I actually really love this. Hopefully, at some point this year we'll see Josh and Montel on the field at the same time (but not too often). One and two in the backfield together. I always thought it looked funny to have our best back wearing such a big number (41). And Montel's sense of humor about the whole thing is great.

Ralph said...

Ya whats not so great is having to watch Aponamissthis shank a 30 yd field goal next year or being forced to go for it on 4th down from the 20.

conlonc said...

Nice Montel! I was wondering who would carry on my #2 with B-Rob leaving. Glad to have Ninja aboard!

Big Jack Krack said...

Go BC Women - congratulations on your win over St. John's - now go out and beat Georgetown!!!!!

With Haden and Harris, I'm wondering what the plans are for Jerry Kelly - where does he fit in? I don't know much about him, but he looks like he has great potential. Can he play fullback and get some carries in addition to blocking? What about McCluskey - fullback or return to linebacker? We have Sterlin Phifer coming in - and he'll be good as well. Jeff Smith will be fighting hard just to get a sniff.

I hope Quigley can strengthen his kickoffs, so we can get some touchbacks. Perhaps he can surpass Apon and get us some 45 yarders this year!!!!! How about the incoming freshman - Nate Freese. He might be pretty good. Good for Aponavicius - he'll get his master's degree and all - but I hope the other guys are good enough to supplant him.

BCNorCal07 said...

The Big Guy: I didn't want to pour salt on any wounds. Another year of being forced to watch Apon miss PATs in not going to be pretty. And hopefully BJK is onto something with Freese (or anybody else).

BJK: I have a feeling that Jerry Kelly will get worked in as the back-up FB, at least initially. McCluskey showed last year that he can be pretty decent as a short-yardage FB, so there isn't a huge need (yet) for a dedicated power back. Maybe putting McCluskey at TB w/ Kelly at FB in goal-line situations. Or vice versa. Also, with Phifer, there's no need to rush him onto the field, as long as our top backs are productive and healthy. Let him red-shirt and get bigger, stronger, more familiar with the playbook. He'll still have four years of eligibility.

mod10aeagle said...

Apo went from the feel-good story of the decade in '07 to the girl you couldn't believe you woke up with in '08. Special teams in general and the kicking game in particular were barely high school-proficient last year. Sticking with Apo may seem admirable on some level, but it suggests another season of neglecting the kicking game. At least we've had a full season to get used to going for it on fourth and 9 from the 17.

PR_EAGLE said...

Eagles are crushing # 20 Clemson 13-1 in the 8th inning...This team looks like it's for real....Finally competing in the ACC

morrina said...

Off topic, but nice to see so many BC fans at the games last night. But even better was how Duke's fans were vastly outnumbered and drowned out by the very pro-Villanova crowd. Two Duke fans sitting behind me were shell-shocked. Priceless!

Big Jack Krack said...

Great win for the baseball team against Clemson. I think we might actually be able to sweep the Tigers in the cold weather :-).

Go BC - Beat Clemson

The southern writers think that BC's sitting atop the Atlantic Division is stunning, even this early in the season. Clemson has had some bullpen problems and has lost 4 games late.

John B said...

Steve A. was a great story in the Muffler Bowl, but the defining moment in his career was helping to lose the '07 ACC title game. I'm sure he's a very nice guy who works hard, but at what point does actual ability start to matter? This is a D-1 program trying to win games, and the coaching staff is taking up a scholarship from somebody who could help the team.

mmason said...

The game of football has the term "foot" in it for good reason. Without a field goal kicker who can be relied upon from atleast 45 yards out to just outside the 20 and closer, BC has given up field position and lost dozens of scoring chances in the last two years. Remember, as well, all those shanked kickoffs that put the Clemsons and Wakes, Terps and pretty much everyone else after kickoff, on the 40 with 1st and 10? It's like we've taken the "foot" outta the game--often spotting the ACC a short field. Collectively, we've cringed too long whenever the BC ball gets teed up for this problem to have not been addressed. We've had numerous opportunities to remedy our kicking game problems--a nagging defect in our program ever since Steve started missing PTA's, and 35 yard FG's. There are high school kickers and soccer kids out there who can win games for us--Mauricio Alphonso at Loyola High, who's been closely watched by SC of late has never been looked at by anyone in the East. Tom Weber at ASU, who won the Lou Groza Award year before last as a sophomore, was another Jesuit kid who never got a look from us--but Mich St. and Northwestern were all over that young man, and his stats this year were very good. But he's a Sun Devil. Jags supposedly didn't like recruiting--and with that era gone, we should have been much better off now, with a real kicking game--but it looks like we're not there. WHY? Are any of our new recruits decent kickers? After last year we shouldn't even be having this conversation and Steve Aponamissit should be a BC grad with a great story getting a good job with his BC degree. Is there any light at the end of this tunnel?

Brett said...

The kicking situation is not good, but let's remember the guy Steve AP replaced.

Big Jack Krack said...

Villanova got away with one - Coach Wright never should have called that timeout with 10 seconds to go. If they inbounded the ball in the regular flow, Pitt would have had to foul.

All's well that ends well for them.

matthew2 said...

was lucky enough to be at the game tonight.... absolutely awesome.

I can't imagine how those fans must have felt leaving the garden tonight.

All I could think about was "will BC ever get here?".

You'd think that they will at some point..... but it takes a whole lot to get to where those 2 teams were tonight.

Hats off to Fields and Pitt, they played hard.