Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My mock draft part 1

Predicting the top picks is a crap shoot. Knowing that, I am just having fun and predicting where some of our guys will end up. This is Part 1. Part 2 will deal with the bonus babies Brace and Raji.

"With the the 28th pick of the 5th round, the New York Giants select Clif Ramsey, Gaurd, Boston College."

As previously stated I am a big Ramsey fan. The reason I think he ends up in New York is two fold: Coughlin and Bicknell. By the fifth round teams aren't picking for primary need. They can truly start picking best available. What they are hoping for is added depth and someone who can contribute. TC is obviously a big believer in BC linemen. With Bicknell on the staff, I bet he goes to bat for Clif. I have no idea if this will happen or if Ramsey will even get drafted, but I could see this happening.

"With the 47th pick of the 7th round, the Kansas City Chiefs select, Brian Toal, Linebacker, Boston College."

Yes, I think Toal will be "Mr. Irrelevant." My gut tells me that someone will take a chance on him. Why not the Chiefs? In New England Pioli looked for players like Brian. Toal is versatile with a good football IQ. Pioli will take him knowing there is a chance he can contribute in three phases of the game.

Free Agents

Ryan Purvis -- Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons saw ever pass Matt threw in college. They obviously know our pass catchers and gave Tony Gonzalez a chance last year. They need depth and skill at Tight End. I bet they try to sign Purvis as a free agent.

Robert Francois -- Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers always seem to find the under the radar guys when adding depth to their defense. Francois seems like the type of player they like (good speed, size and upside).

Kevin Akins -- Oakland Raiders
This is just a hunch. I am basing this on the Raiders tradition of speed and the potential to use him as a light, quick LB. It doesn't hurt that Ricky Brown has done well as a free agent there too.

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BlockParty said...

atl falcons trade for tony gonzalez. here's to the falcons picking up purvis at some point this offseason and allowing him to learn from the best. i would love to see matty's favorite college target become a falcon.