Friday, May 08, 2009

Providence Hoopster to play football and other links

BC All Access is all over the Geoff McDermott rumors. As a one-year player, there is absolutely no downside to bringing him on. Spaz should be all over this. We have the scholarships. Like a JUCO we get a physically mature player and someone who is focused on making it to the next level. Give the guy a shot. The worst case scenario is that he sits on the bench. The best is you get a starting QB. The likely scenario is that he's a second team DE. Regardless, let's close this out.

The ACC released its bowl schedule. HD doesn't even think we will fill an ACC slot. She has us as an at large, which would have us going to an open slot. My hunch at this point is that we will be in San Francisco.

Chris Crane talked to his local paper about meeting Peyton Manning.

The softball team lost in the first round of the ACC tourney to Florida State.

Francois explained why he signed with the Vikings instead of some other NFL options.

The ACC is considering an 18-game regular season conference slate for basketball.

David Glenn posted his spring overview of BC.


Nick said...

According to the Fracois article, he replaced Brian Toat this year.

Anyone know who this Toat fellow is?

eagleboston said...

He's a distant cousin of Ron Braze.

Did one of the ESPN 2 announcers write that article?